Why You Should Submit to Writing Contests and Literary Journals

SubmitWritingContestsThere are lots of great contests and journals that are almost always accepting submissions  for many different types of work, including fiction, non-fiction, fan and flash fiction, essays, short stories, poetry, novels, ebooks, chapbooks — you name it! Why enter writing contests, you ask?

  • Entering these types of contests can help you keep your writing and publishing momentum going.

  • Submitting to writing contests is a great way to gain credibility as a writer/author.

  • They can help create interest in your work, leading to other opportunities and potentially, to sales.

  • An award will give you an edge, which may be all the difference needed to propel your work into bestseller territory.

  • When you win or get placed, you can say you are an “award-winning author,” giving your writing a boost that comes from a third-party endorsement.

  • Awards can help you gain credibility with readers, reviewers, reporters, agents, and publishers.

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