“Warpath” by Richard Blomberg – A Case Study on Successfully Marketing Your Independently Published Book

We’ll begin our series of keeping you abreast of some of our best books and authors with the ways in which they are achieving momentum with their independently published books (ebook and print). SDP Publishing author Richard (Dick) Blomberg is well on his way to success with his novel Warpath, just released as an ebook on June 1. Warpath is climbing up the Amazon rankings; its Amazon Best Sellers Rank was #76,589 Paid in Kindle Store on June 14, 2013. Dick’s journey writing, publishing, marketing, and selling his novel can provide any new or experienced author with some fantastic lessons in how to maximize exposure for your indie-published book. Let’s talk about some of the elements that have contributed to Dick’s achievements with Warpath.

Of course writing Warpath was in and of itself a journey for Dick. And certainly having a great story with engaging characters has had a lot to do with the success of the novel. But once Dick finished the last word, he started a whole new journey, which included five rounds of development editing and one round of copyediting and proofreading, using two different editors and working with a designer to develop a great cover. Dick also made the decision to publish Warpath as an ebook, selling it for $2.99, the new sweet spot price for new authors. Dick also submitted the novel to Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award, which is key for new authors as we discuss in “SDP Publishing’s Independent Authors Find Success with Professional Reviews and Contests.” Here is what the expert reviewer had to say:

“Easily the characters, so vividly exposed to the reader. I love over the top characters and the Gunn brothers fit the bill. The author also writes easily read narrative, a fast read… Great plot, great characters, easy reading, tight editing. What could be better? I also really love the Native American spice thrown into this thriller. Excellent!”

~ABNA Expert Reviewer, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Reviews

Dick also put together a great marketing plan, which included:

  • Creating a website with a blog
  • Creating an author Facebook page
  • Setting up local readings and events
  • Publishing online press releases, sending one every month for three months
  • Pitching to book clubs
  • Pitching to reviewers
  • Setting up a Goodreads profile

In addition to keeping up with the above marketing efforts, we are planning the second phase of his marketing efforts, some of which will include:

  • Advertising on Goodreads
  • Promoting the book at local events
  • Writing and posting calendar announcements for the local events

All of Dick’s ongoing promotional efforts have been an integral part of the novel rising in the Amazon rankings. Additionally, his friends and family members are helping to spread the word via sharing in the social media space and face-to-face word of mouth. Dick’s journey from writing Warpath to rising up the Amazon ranks is a great example of how any author can be successful with independent publishing. With the right mix of determination, planning, and execution, your book can reach great heights.

About Warpath

Two orphaned brothers raised by Sioux elders. One a Navy SEAL. One a doctor. One kills. One saves. One wants to die with honor. One just wants to die. Who will get their wish?

Warpath is Jack Gunn’s fast-paced story of pursuit across the Middle East, leading his Ghost team to hunt, track, and kill Afghan terrorists. Jack incorporates instincts he inherited from his great, great, great-grandfather, Sitting Bull with twenty-first century technology. Doctor Travis Gunn, Jack’s complete opposite, is an alcoholic widower working for an Arab plastic surgeon in Dubai while running from his inescapable past.

Hunting terrorists responsible for murdering CIA agents and kidnapping Travis, Jack fervently pushes his SEALS and the CIA, pulling out all the stops to rescue Travis before terrorists execute him. Jack walks the fine line between his duty to kill terrorists, his duty to be at the side of his cancer-stricken wife, and his duty to fulfill the promise he made to his dying mother to “watch out” for his little brother Travis, the brother he despises. The fast-paced action in Warpath only intensifies when Jack is faced with an even greater challenge: stopping the implementation of Grand Jihad terrorist attacks worldwide. Readers will turn pages fervently to learn how he draws on his unique Indian talents and warrior mentality to save his family, his brother, and his honor.

About Richard Blomberg:

Dr. Richard Blomberg has practiced medicine in the land of 10,000 lakes for twenty years. He grew up in an Iowa farm town, the oldest of ten kids, before serving as a Navy corpsman during the Vietnam War. For generations, Richard’s family has proudly served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Richard and Kim have five wonderful children, and by the grace of God, are still deeply in love after thirty five years of marriage. Kim’s Nakota relatives fought at the Battle of the Greasy Grass (Little Big Horn.) Writing Warpath allowed Richard to honor Native Americans and those who have served in the military by creating Jack Gunn, a Native American Navy SEAL extraordinaire. Warpath is his first thriller.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to maximize your book’s exposure and gain credibility by polishing your novel and creating a solid marketing plan, contact SDP Publishing. We have extensive experience working with authors to improve their books and expand their marketing and success potential.

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