Tips for Putting Together Your Indie Publishing Team

Publishing teamPublishing a book on your own can be a long, lonely road. It can be helpful to for writers to have a team behind them to succeed in self-publishing. While some authors do choose to do it alone, it can be difficult because you really need to be skilled at copyediting, proofreading, social media, graphic design, marketing, running ad campaigns, and designing websites. Successful indie authors often work with experts – a team who can help you manage all of the moving pieces throughout the life-cycle of the publishing process. Working with a team of experts can help an author focus on what they do best – writing. A few key members of your team could include:

  • Developmental editor – Someone to help you shape the book – to organize your thoughts, create a theme that will attract your target reader, eliminate redundancies, and ensure the content is clear and concise.*
  • Copyeditor(s) – Someone to correct the final manuscript – to perform line-by-line editing, and ensure good grammar and readability for your target reader. The copyeditor will catch the things the developmental editor might otherwise miss.*
  • Designer(s) – Someone to help with the layout of the book – creates a professional interior design and eye-catching cover design.
  • Proofchecker – Someone to double-check the design and content, ensuring all content is there, no conversion issues, and the design is consistent throughout the book.
  • Proofreader(s) – Someone to give a full proofread of the text after the layout is complete.*
  • Production experts – You will need to determine whether you want to publish your book as an e-book, print book, or both. It can be helpful to have experts in these areas to guide you through the process and figure out which option is best for you.
  • Marketing and PR experts – You will likely need help with publicizing and creating marketing campaigns for your book. You want to develop your book as a distinct brand, targeting and cultivating the appropriate audiences. Activities you’ll want to think about may include setting up a website, social media presence, SEO, and press relations.

*Remember! Not all developmental editors are good copyeditors! Not all good proofreaders are good copyeditors! These are three very distinct editorial roles. We highly recommend at least two separate editors. Several pairs of professional eyes will ensure a perfect manuscript. Also, consider having a third-party professional proofreader to give your book that final read-through before publishing.

This is meant as a guide to help independent authors think about all the components that are necessary and the range of skills that are required when independently publishing. As you build your team, you should tailor it to your specific needs and the requirements of your work. If you have any questions about the skills and team members you might need to successfully launch your book, please contact SDP Publishing. Also see, “Free 45-minute Consultation with SDP Publishing Solutions and Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Publisher.”

SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC (formerly Sweet Dreams Publishing of Massachusetts) offers optimal publishing solutions for authors worldwide. From literary agency representation to worldwide marketing – including international rights – and independent publishing, we provide the best solutions for authors. Our services include developmental editing and copy editing, custom cover design and layout, book marketing, query letter and book proposals, literary agency representation, print and e-book development. We provide the best exposure for your book!

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