“Working with Sweet Dreams Publishing has honestly been an enjoyable and positive experience.  Working with Lisa and her team have taught me so much about the writing, editing and publishing process.  Lisa is always helpful, patient and informative about any inquiries I have. She is honest and well informed about the industry and is more than willing to share her knowledge.  Sweet Dreams offers everything from soup to nuts.  I have been working with Lisa for more than four years on several projects and have only had positive reviews on each of my five books.  She has been very supportive in working with other agencies and organizations when inquiring about my books through Sweet  Dreams Publishing.  If this is what you are looking for when you want to make your publishing dreams come true, Lisa and her team are definitely the way to go. ”

—Susie Rich

SusieStories, Owner/Manager
The Whale, the Ocean, the Duck and the PondDUANE: Don’t Underestimate Any Natural Elements: Extreme Weather. Be Prepared, I Don’t Care What You Wear So Long as it’s Clean, How My Daddy Taught Me to Dance, and Too Much Hopscotch Fiction



“As a first-time author, I was overwhelmed with the process of publishing and distributing my book. From the start of our working relationship, I knew that SDP Publishing was a good choice. As I continued to work with Lisa and her staff, I realized it was a great choice.

Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, personable, supportive, honest, and helpful in every aspect. They were responsive to all my questions and guided me throughout the process. Publishing my book with Lisa and her team was a very positive experience.”

—Margaret McEwan
Every Day is a Gift: A Couple’s Cancer Journey, Non-fiction


“I met Lisa Akoury-Ross and the SDP Publishing team in New York City at the annual American Society of Journalists and Authors conference five years ago. She’s a pro, an elite publisher. She’ll find the right editor to elevate your manuscript and will guide you through production. In April 2017, Lisa and her team helped me create my dream book, Sentio. In April of 2018, SDP launched our second book together, Strange Love in America. Lisa and SDP Publishing have earned my five-star recommendation.”

—JC Howell
Strange Love in America and Sentio, Fiction


“I CaroleSacinoheadshothad an idea, a concept and a whole lot of passion to get my thoughts down on paper and bring it out the world…great now what?  I happen to have met Lisa at a networking event and had an instant connection and then saw her again knowing she is the right person for me.  Lisa was able to get me to focus on the words and she would help me with the rest.  Lisa’s resources are top notch and deliver great results from editing to cover creation and most importantly, the layout of the book.  Lisa was involved throughout the process sharing her expertise with great results.  When I decide to write my next book, SDP Publishing Solutions will be my go to partner in the process.”

—Carole Sacino, Board-Certified Executive Coach, Turning Institute
Build Your A Game


About The Author-BW“What a great experience to work with Lisa and the staff at SDP. From the beginning Lisa was straight-forward, honest, helpful and was able to anticipate my questions and concerns as a first time author. SDP went above and beyond the call of duty on every aspect of creating my book. Lisa was very intuitive helping to place me with the right editor, artist, marketing team and everything in between. That is another thing about SDP, they offer and have available a variety of professionals who can help with every part of the publishing process, even the parts that a new author doesn’t even know exist! I always felt genuinely cared for and that Lisa and her team had my best interest in mind. Lisa is also so proactive in making her business the best that it only helps her authors. Writing a book is a huge process, but SDP made it a journey I would like to travel again and will most certainly do it with SDP. If you are a first time author or already have several books, SDP has years of connections and contacts in publishing that will help you. SDP thinks beyond just the book, but also how to make it a success.”

—Julie Sieben, DC,
Six Weeks to Love Running


AuthorPhoto_Rev“People told me it was so easy to go on line to write and publish a book. They were so wrong!! I was so fortunate to have been recommended to Lisa Akoury-Ross that I can’t begin to tell you other than she is great and she would be the first person I would call to do it again. She is knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with and has great follow through… along with her group of wonderful colleagues that she has aligned with. I loved working with her and them. Lisa guided me through the whole process and every dollar I spent was well worth it. I loved the end product from front to back cover.”

—John Vacovec, Physical Therapist
The Best Therapy Experience, Business



jane mitchell“As a broadcast journalist and documentary producer, I didn’t know how different the publishing world would be. Lisa Akoury-Ross made adding a book to my resume an enriching and exciting experience. She not only cares and is creative; she also has high standards for excellent results and keeps her cool in a crisis. Her bottom line is helping you deliver your dream and tell your story not only your way, but also the best way possible. I had no idea how much I would need her and how much her experience would help my vision become a wonderful reality. She’s the consummate professional and I highly recommend her. She was able to see my vision, and orchestrate the right people and process to make my book a reality. Her intense commitment to me as an author and a business partner/client was reassuring and encouraging. She has a keen eye for detail and high standards of excellence. With unusual parameters, and a tight timeline, we both moved through an epic project with mutual respect and enthusiasm and the results are stunning and a milestone for us both.”

—Jane Mitchell
San Diego Television Host/Producer/Author
One on One: My Journey with Hall of Famers,
Fan Favorites and Rising Stars, November 2010


AuthorPhoto“As a physician my only experience with the publishing field was submitting a research paper to a medical journal. I thought this experience qualified me to publish my own book. Using the self—service programs offered by Amazon I quickly learned that I had botched the entire process, wasting time and money. Thanks to Lisa Akoury—Ross and SDP Publishing my chest pain and migraine headache were soon cured. Lisa took a total novice in hand, recommending professional copyediting services and first-rate printing and publishing services. My novel is now not only beautiful to look at, but reads like it belongs on a bookstore shelf. SDP has helped me to not only be a physician who writes, but also a published author who practices medicine. Thanks Lisa.”

—Irv Danesh, MD FACEP WGAE, Emergency Physician, Television Producer
The Loco Life of Doctor Taco,



“I started with an unedited manuscript, worked with Lisa Akoury-Ross, and we finished with a great book. She was able to answer my questions promptly, address my concerns patiently, advise me thoughtfully, and edit my work meticulously. Lisa’s experience and enthusiasm made a complex process easy and efficient. I greatly enjoyed working with her and love the finished product.”

—Lewis Lefer, MD
Blood, Crime/Detective



“I have worked with Lisa Akoury-Ross and SDP Publishing Solutions and can’t say enough about the personalized service, the honesty and commitment to help with marketing and publicity. They really are a full one-stop-shop for all of your publication needs.”

—Steven I Dahl, MD
Chicken Fried SteakHOA Gold, Onion DomePicasso’s Zip Line, Kick the Can
Action Adventure



“My manuscript is light years ahead of where it was before I met Lisa Akoury-Ross at SDP Publishing Solutions.”

—Richard Blomberg, MD 
Military Thriller



“I searched and contacted a number of publishing companies before I found Lisa Akoury-Ross at SDP Publishing.  I found it refreshing to speak with a publisher who tailored needs to individual authors and projects and who was willing to work with me on a unique set of requirements.  I’ve published two children’s books thus far with SDP and each exceeded my expectation with respect to not only the publishing process in general but with editorial, illustration and design services. Highly recommend SDP and look forward to working with SDP on future projects.”
Christine Sarno-Doyle
Your Inside Shape, and Who’s Going To Be You?  Children’s Books



“I am delighted to share my high praise for Lisa, my manuscript editors, and the interior layout and cover design editor. The team exhibited all the attributes desirable in a publisher—experience, great competence, and a commitment to excellence. My working relationship with all members of the team was excellent…. I especially appreciated the team’s willingness to consider my suggestions when we didn’t agree, and their insistence that all changes require my final approval.

I highly recommend Lisa and SDP Publishing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, by email or through my website, for further discussion.”

—Gary McCarragher, MD
Unhinged, Thriller



AuthorPhoto_img_0087“Writing and publishing a novel was a lifetime dream for me. As a first time physician author, I was excited, nervous and totally naive about the process. Lisa and her team at SDP Publishing Solutions, have been there for me every step of the way with a wealth of talent and unfailing encouragement–from editing to cover and interior design to sales and marketing. I’m looking forward to working with SDP when I publish my next book! ”

—Rosemary Edwards, MD, MPH
When Dreams Touch, Literary Fiction



“I have worked closely with Lisa Akoury-Ross of SDP Publishing Solutions for the last 5 months and have the highest regard for her expertise in the independent publishing industry. Her integrity, commitment and knowledge made the publishing of my first book an enjoyable experience. Her staff of editors, illustrators, and layout people have the same high standards. I look forward to working with Lisa again when I publish my next two books.”

—Julia Broomall-Millington,
The Emperor’s New Throne, Children’s Book


“Working with Lisa and SDP Publishing Solutions was one hundred times more comfortable than other publishing houses that I’ve worked with in the past. The service was personal, timely, and efficient. I would recommend Sweet Dreams for both the amateur and experienced author. Communication was excellent and I always felt as though I was in the loop.”

—Richard Chandler, Film Director, Actor, Author
Streets of Rage, Crime novella


“I was very pleased with the high level of professional help I had on the editorial and design portion of my book. Lisa Akoury-Ross was very helpful and informative. She taught me the ropes in independently-publishing and how to get the marketing up and running for low costs. I highly recommend using SDP Publishing Solutions for all of your self-publishing needs.”

—Bill Jacques, Writer, Actor, Teacher
A Wayward Oath


“I started working with Lisa Akoury-Ross at SDP Publishing Solutions in May, 2010. Over the past year, she and her amazing team have literally transformed my story into an amazing, high-quality children’s book, which can hold its own next to any top-notch book you’ll find on your child’s shelf.”

—Jenifer Gershman
Where Did Mommy’s Superpowers Go? Children’s Book



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