Value the Whole Way Through!

When I came to Lisa Akoury-Ross and her team at SDP Publishing, my book (a memoir of sorts) had been a work in progress for about a year, and I was at my wit’s end. I’d managed to capture stories and facts, but structuring all of that into something compelling to readers was beyond my pay grade. Lisa teamed me with a developmental editor who could not have been a more perfect fit. She really “got” what I was trying to do and helped me weave my stream of facts and stories into a book that achieved my vision: part memoir, part how-to, and part self-help. I did not want to self-publish, and the additional support and services Lisa and team delivered along the journey were worth every penny, giving me the peace of mind to know that no crucial steps would be missed, and that I would also have marketing support to help me get my book into the world.

Zen (and Rage) and the Art of a Never-Ending Home Renovation,  NON-FICTION (HOME REMODELING)

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