Helpful, Patient, and Informative

“Working with Sweet Dreams Publishing has honestly been an enjoyable and positive experience. Working with Lisa and her team have taught me so much about the writing, editing and publishing process. Lisa is always helpful, patient and informative about any inquiries I have. She is honest and well informed about the industry and is more than willing to share her knowledge. Sweet Dreams offers everything from soup to nuts. I have been working with Lisa for more than four years on several projects and have only had positive reviews on each of my five books. She has been very supportive in working with other agencies and organizations when inquiring about my books through Sweet Dreams Publishing. If this is what you are looking for when you want to make your publishing dreams come true, Lisa and her team are definitely the way to go.”

The Whale, the Ocean, the Duck and the PondDUANE: Don’t Underestimate Any Natural Elements: Extreme Weather. Be Prepared, I Don’t Care What You Wear So Long as it’s Clean, How My Daddy Taught Me to Dance & Too Much Hopscotch,  CHILDREN’S BOOKS

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