Great Experience

“What a great experience to work with Lisa and the staff at SDP. From the beginning Lisa was straight-forward, honest, helpful and was able to anticipate my questions and concerns as a first time author. SDP went above and beyond the call of duty on every aspect of creating my book. Lisa was very intuitive helping to place me with the right editor, artist, marketing team and everything in between.

That is another thing about SDP, they offer and have available a variety of professionals who can help with every part of the publishing process, even the parts that a new author doesn’t even know exist! I always felt genuinely cared for and that Lisa and her team had my best interest in mind. Lisa is also so proactive in making her business the best that it only helps her authors. Writing a book is a huge process, but SDP made it a journey I would like to travel again and will most certainly do it with SDP.

If you are a first time author or already have several books, SDP has years of connections and contacts in publishing that will help you. SDP thinks beyond just the book, but also how to make it a success.”

Six Weeks to Love Running, NON-FICTION (SELF-HELP)

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