A Few Words of Praise for the Staff at SDP!

Writing a book is a beautiful fulling experience for every writer. The next phase is finding someone you are not only comfortable with but whom you can trust to bring your story to life. This is where Lisa and the staff at SDP Publishing come in. Right from the start, Lisa makes you feel at ease. She guides you through finding the perfect person to edit your manuscript. Lisa and the editor keep you informed about the progress and the details that need attention. It is a wonderful experience to learn how the whole publishing world works. You see your story evolve as your dream comes to life. Lisa and her team handle everything from editing to getting the copyrights to your book cover design. They also help market and prompt your story. There is a lot to be said for having a local independent publisher, you are not a number or just another client, but you come to have a friend that will give you good advice all the way through.

—Bill Selvitelle, Author of  Heaven’s Window,   ADULT FICTION

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