Author Corner: Phyllis Brown, Author of Help Me! I’m Slipping, Talks about Finding Solace in Writing and Her Hope that her Book Will Help Caregivers

Phyllis Brown has played many roles in her life – mother, wife, grandmother, great grandmother, chemist, and caregiver for her husband who had Alzheimer’s disease. Her latest edition of Help Me! I’m Slipping is a memoir about her relationship with her husband before he succumbed to the disease. Combining personal narrative and facts about Alzheimer’s, …

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Phyllis R. Brown Publishes Book Documenting Her Life as Caregiver of Husband with Alzheimer’s

Through narrative and advice, Phyllis delivers hope and inspiration Providence, R.I., June 12, 2014 – Phyllis R. Brown just released a new edition of her book, Help Me! I’m Slipping, a memoir of her relationship with her husband who fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease. At its core, this is a love story. Brown started her …

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