Sweet Dreams Publishing is now operating as SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC

I am pleased to announce that Sweet Dreams Publishing is now operating as SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC to reflect the variety of publishing services we offer our authors. We provide all of the services necessary for business professionals – soloprenuers and small businesses – to professionally publish with 100% independence. For authors who want all of the benefits of publishing through our imprint, we continue to publish under SDP Publishing.

SDP offers the following services for authors:

Developmental Editing and Copyediting – We help our authors become better writers by matching them with the right editor for their book.

Marketing – We offer a wide variety of traditional and social media marketing campaigns for our authors both prior to and after publication.

Pitch Proposals – We create great pitch/book proposals for authors who wish to pitch to the traditional publishers.

Literary Agency Representation – We represent only the manuscripts we feel would appeal to traditional publishers.

Overall Book Exposure – We attend many book shows throughout the year, showcasing our published books – connecting with consumers, booksellers, libraries, foreign rights agents, and traditional publishers.

To find out more about our services, CLICK HERE.

To contact me directly, simply CLICK HERE.

We are gearing up to increase our catalog distribution this year. Our catalog of published books is distributed biannually to 500 bookstores nationwide. Our goal for this upcoming year is to include a global list, targeting Europe and other countries throughout the world to help increase authors’ exposure.

Soon, we will feature more about our titles and authors on our blog and in the SDP newsletter, so be sure to check it out!

Here’s what we’ve published this year …

  • Wilbur the Zucchini Eating Dragon by Justine St. John (Children’s book)
  • Kick the Can by Steven I. Dahl, MD (Action/Adventure)
  • A Traveler’s History of Cote d’Azur by Arnold Danielson, (Travel guide/history)
  • Picasso’s Zip Line by Steven I. Dahl, MD (Adventure/Mystery)
  • Your Inside Shape by Christine Sarno-Doyle (Children’s book)

 Coming out this fall:

The Storymaker by Jeff Katzman (Adult fiction)

 Coming out this winter:

The Manuscript by Paul Janson (Adult fiction)

Who’s Going to be You? By Christine Sarno-Doyle (Children’s book)

Klutzbone’s Big Break by Gleeson Rebello and Jaime Harisaides (Children’s book)

Peter’s Big Heart by Peter McLaughlin (Children’s book)

Six Weeks to Love Running by Julie Sieben, DC (Wellness, exercise, meditation)

There Is a Mouse That Is Haunting Our House by Diane Danielson (Children’s book)

 We also are helping the following indie authors set up their titles and announce to the trade:

The Cape Cod Cookbook by Kelly Moss,

Dick’s Incredible Nuts by Dick Schlatter

 Check out the SDP blog and newsletter for industry news and tips about marketing your work. Also please be sure to follow us and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

I am looking forward to taking this next step together.

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