For many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business people, life coaches, and professional speakers, writing down their thoughts, ideas, and philosophies is a natural progression in their careers. At SDP Publishing Solutions, we can help you take your concept from idea to finished product with our professional editorial, design, and marketing services.

SDP Publishing Solutions goes above and beyond to help our clients meet their goals and create a product that promotes their careers and businesses. We offer customized services that meet both your needs and budget.


At SDP Publishing Solutions, we’re experienced helping new writers cultivate their ideas and organize their thoughts into a cohesive manuscript. Ready to share your business savvy with the world? Our editors can take you from start to finish. Have piles of notes, but no idea how to get your expertise into a self-help workbook clients can use? Your personal editor will help you pull it off. Finished your book, and need to make it perfect? Our editors will proof your manuscript and get it in top shape for publication.


As many solopreneurs know, it’s important to maintain your brand. The design team at SDP Publishing posses the technical and creative skills to not only construct your book, but to work with you on a cover from concept to finished product. Our design pros are here to meet all of your needs and create a look worthy of your entrepreneurial spirit.


Business professionals and entrepreneurs have the drive and foresight to promote their businesses, and SDP can help along the way. With a range of marketing and publicity services, you can choose what best fits your goals, your specialty and your life! From setting up book signings to creating Internet buzz, our marketing gurus will take your finished project directly to your target audience.

Are you ready to share your wisdom with the world? Ready to see your ideas in print? SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC, offers truly personalized publishing services.

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