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“As a first time children’s illustrated book author, I knew SDP Publishing was a perfect fit for me!  From the beginning, Lisa and her team provided professional guidance throughout the entire process.  Lisa and her team’s honesty, feedback, expertise, and responsiveness to my questions were extremely helpful and timely!  I am truly blessed to have had Lisa support me through this undertaking!”

—Tracy Harding, Author of Anna’s Big Wish

Tracy Harding

“I knew I had a story to tell.  What I didn’t know was how to put it together and share it out into the world.  From a trusted friend, I got a referral to Lisa Akoury-Ross and SDP and I knew from that first conversation that I had the right person to partner with me.   The editing and publishing process can be overwhelming and bewildering for a first time author and Lisa and her staff made it easy to negotiate.  Kudos to the team at SDP – you are rock stars!”

-Lisa Dooley
More Space. More Time. More Joy! Organizing Your Best Life

Lisa Dooley

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We believe in putting together a comprehensive teamwork approach to produce the best book possible. Our authors retain 100 percent of their rights and enjoy generous royalties while going through the process step-by-step with our team. Independent publishing is not the same as self publishing since your name becomes the brand and your book is the product—we run each title as its own business.

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