Children’s Book Authors

At SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC, we are proud to offer specialized services just for children’s books, including picture books, chapter books, and early readers! We work closely with authors to help achieve their vision, providing editorial services, project management, illustration, and production services. We also offer marketing and promotional assistance to help your children’s book reach its target audience, and successfully promote your work!

Have a great idea for a children’s book? Have a family tale passed down through generations? Are you an illustrator that just needs the right words? From initial concept to finished product, SDP Publishing Solutions is here to guide our children’s book authors every step of the way!

Creating a Children’s Book

Crafting and creating a great children’s book takes more than just a great story and killer illustrations—it takes a lot of work! From an initial concept, to getting the words down on paper, to creating illustrations and then putting the book together, a children’s book goes through many stages before it lands on bookshelves. SDP Publishing Solutions has the expertise to help our children’s book authors create a fantastic end product, and guides them every step of the way.

Children’s Book Editorial Services

Our children’s book editors have years of experience in the field, creating books, critiquing children’s literature, and studying the marketplace. Our editors have the ability to help children’s book authors hone in on their target audience, create a clean and entertaining manuscript, and manage the project from beginning to end. Our specific services include:

  • Developmental editing—helping you create a cohesive, finished manuscript.
  • Copyediting—editing for clarity, content, and consistency.
  • Proofreading—checking for errors such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Project management—overseeing all major process of children’s book creation.
  • Ghostwriting—creating content to match your children’s book idea, vision, or illustrations.

Illustrating Children’s Books

The children’s book illustrators at SDP Publishing are some of the best in the business, creating images for a variety of children’s book styles and genres. We offer a variety of illustrating options, and our professional team of illustrators offer each children’s book author a variety of art styles from digital construction to hand-painted colors, so each author can choose the art that best suits their children’s book.

Production Design for Children’s Books

Production is where an entire children’s book, text and illustrations, comes together. Our experienced designers have all of the skills and tools to seamlessly layout your book. Working closely with you and our managing editor, our design team ensures you children’s book is professional and polished.

Project Management

Every children’s book project will be assigned a project manager who will oversee the entire production of your children’s book. Our clients greatly appreciate having a project manager that takes on all of the day-to-day tasks and procedures of creating a children’s book, freeing up the author to concentrate on their manuscript. Project managers allow the entire SDP Publishing team to communicate via one central point, helping ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

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