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    “As a first-time author, the idea of publishing my book was a daunting one! Then I found Lisa Akoury-Ross and her team at SDP Publishing Solutions who shepherded me through the entire process with ease. I am so grateful for their expertise and invaluable advice that I am looking forward to working with them again on my next book. I would highly recommend that any author connect with Lisa Akoury-Ross for her guidance and support!”

    Michelle Lander Feinberg

    “When I wondered how to publish my illustrated book of rhymes the idea of self-publishing was a mystery. Then I found Lisa Akoury-Ross and her team at SDP Publishing and the process was a dream. Lisa provided necessary information,  guidance, patience and full attention to my vision of the book. Because of Lisa and her team’s expertise the published book is exactly the beautiful volume I hoped it would be.


    Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott

    A Zoo Full of Rhymes,CHILDREN’S BOOKS

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    We believe in putting together a comprehensive teamwork approach to produce the best book possible. Our authors retain 100 percent of their rights and enjoy generous royalties while going through the process step-by-step with our team. Independent publishing is not the same as self publishing since your name becomes the brand and your book is the product—we run each title as its own business.

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