Editorial Services

Take advantage of SDP Publishing Solutions’ Sample Review package today. For a nominal fee of $175.00, have your first chapter read and the first 10 pages of manuscript professionally edited! We’ll set up a one-hour conference call to discuss your manuscript and offer overall editorial advice. Contact us at 617-775-0656 or email Lisa Akoury-Ross at info@SDPPublishing.com.

At SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC, we strive to offer clients personalized, one-on-one service in all aspects of the publishing process. This is especially true of our editing services. We offer different levels of editing, from the basics like copyediting and proofreading to ghostwriting, developmental editing, and sample reviews.

Our accomplished team of editors works with new writers and seasoned authors alike, and has decades of experience in the newspaper, magazine, textbook, trade, and online publishing fields.

Personalized Editing

At SDP, we have a vast array of talented editors that can help you create the best possible manuscript from simple outline or draft to completed book. Our resources allow us to select the most appropriate editor to suit your specific editorial needs and genre of writing. This can include: medical (clinical and non-clinical), memoirs and other non-fiction titles, all fiction genres and even children’s books.

Our Services:

Sample Review: Take your first steps to becoming a published author! For a small fee, our expert editorial staff will review the first chapter of your manuscript (up to 30 pages), and provide you with a full copyedit of the first 10 pages. In addition, we also provide a conference call with your editor to give an overall critique and professional suggestions on the manuscript.

Copyediting: Part of our basic editorial package, copyediting provides you with overall insight into your manuscript. Your personal editor will offer suggestions and advice on content, structure, and style as well as proof your manuscript for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Proofreading: Proofreading is the most common editorial service, and occurs both during the stage of editing a manuscript as well as when reviewing the proof of your project. We proofread for any type of error, from grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as ancillary items like reviewing illustrations and pages numbers.

Developmental Editing: Some clients arrive with a great idea, an outline or a rough draft of a book, and have no idea where to go. Enter the editors of SDP Publishing, who can help you take even the most basic and rough concepts and flush them out into a full, complete manuscript. Ready to write a memoir? Are you a professional wanting to share your area of expertise to your clientele? Do you have that young adult or adult fiction book in your mind? Have a story told to your grandkids that would make a great picture book? Developmental editing services can help you get there.

Ghostwriting: Some clients have a great idea, outline, or book concept, and need professional assistance with creating and drafting the manuscript. Our ghostwriting services pairs you with a skilled writer that specializes in your particular genre, and works closely with you to complete a draft, and fulfill your vision for your book. Whether the project is fiction, non-fiction, adult, or children’s literature, our writing staff is here to help.

Trust in SDP Editorial

No matter what your editorial needs, SDP Publishing is here to meet them. Our experienced editorial staff is here to guide you through the editorial process, and each editor is individually chosen as the most fitting professional for your project.

Use the form below to contact SDP Publishing today for a free consultation about your manuscript, and learn how we can help you become a published author!

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