Book Distribution

Many authors need assistance when deciding how to distribute their book once it is published. Getting their book into the hands of readers can be an overwhelming step in the publication process! SDP Publishing Solutions has an easy to understand print-on-demand printing and distribution system that takes the guesswork out of the process.

Print On Demand

Print On Demand (POD) means books are printed one at a time as orders demand it. Our POD services is a printing and distribution system that automatically fulfills orders that come from retailers:,, and other online retailers, as well as brick and mortar bookstores. This book distribution channel maintains working relationships with some of the most prominent wholesalers in the world.

Authors must be careful when finding their own POD printer as many do not offer distribution services. Unlike these other POD printers, our printing and book fulfillment process does both and includes specific, direct fulfillment to a customer order. Therefore authors do not have to carry large inventories, and can take their time to get a feel for the market and the demand for their product.

POD Distribution

Many authors wonder if choosing independent publishing and a POD distribution system will affect where their books are sold. SDP Publishing Solutions offers clients a wide range of book distribution outlets. Your book will reach bookstores, wholesalers and online retailers on a global scale.  SDP Publishing network reaches readers around the world including in the UK, Australia, South America and Europe.

Utilizing SDP Publishing Solutions’ POD distribution system offers authors flexibility in selling their books. With the ability to test out the market, authors can choose to continue using printing for POD or if demand for the book is great enough, authors can begin to purchase in bulk and find a large book distributor that will carry the inventory.

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