Book Design & Layout

Your book is written and edited. Your illustrations are complete. Now the fun really begins!

Book design and layout is the next major step in the publishing process, putting all of the pages together and seeing what the book actually will look like in published form! Our incredible team of book designers understand all of the ins and outs of what it takes to make up a page, create a spectacular cover and maintain a great working technical knowledge for layout and design. With an SDP book and cover designer, our authors receive the best, professional design layout possible.

Our Book Designers

At SDP Publishing, our vast amount of experience in the industry helps us understand that not all graphic designers are expert book designers. Our designers specialize in layout and design specifically for book publishing. What does that mean? Well, they understand what it takes to make a great page; they have the ability to offer a variety of cover treatment options; and they’ve got the know-how to tackle any number of different printer specifications. It all boils down to: SDP’s book designers offer you a combination of creativity and technical knowledge for a professional design and layout for your project.

The Design and Layout Process

Like most of the other steps in publishing, the process for cover design and book layout is multi-tiered. First, we choose the designer that best fits your project and your overall book style. Your project manager will work closely with you, the designer, and the illustrator (if applicable) to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The designer will create different layout options to choose from, such as font choice, colors if applicable, and folio/page number styles. Once all options are approved, the designer will then layout all of the book pages and illustrations and create a proof. The author and editor will then review the proof several times before going to print.

Cover Design

A great cover can make a book! In addition to putting the book together on the inside, our book designers help take your book cover to the next level. Using art commissioned by one of our illustrators, our cover designer creates a customized cover that embodies the spirit of your book, and urges readers to pick it up!

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