Maddie’s Saturday to Remember

Reviews from Writer’s Digest Competitions—Self-Published Book Awards 2021

“This book is exemplary in its structure, organization, and pacing…”

“Author has done a wonderful job of crafting a living, breathing world populated by rounded characters and their warm voices giving us a fine foundation for the story’s flow…”

“Illustrations provide wonderful detail, especially in the facial expressions and postures of characters, and we get a fabulous sense of setting here, thanks to the artist’s vision…”

“The story conveys, in many ways, a sense of belonging to the community and to Maddie’s grandfather. Relationships abound here, and we see that sense of being beyond valued as a primary element of existing in one’s world, with plenty to bring to the people in your orbit…”

“This book is exemplary in character appeal (or interest) and development.”

2020 Story Monsters Approved Winner!

Congratulations to Karen Jonice Bricker! Her latest title, “Maddie’s Saturday to Remember,” was recently reviewed in “Story Monsters Ink.”

 “Community is the warm thread that freely flows through this story. Whether it’s time spent with special loved ones, or the introduction to the colorful activity of her local community, life becomes electrifying for Maddie. Street vendors and musicians, a pizza chef, and a sneak peek into the exciting and creative work that goes into storefront displays all make her Saturday with Grandpa a day to remember!”

– Darleen Wohlfeil, “Story Monsters Ink,” June 2021


The Magic Straw Hat

The Magic Straw Hat by Karen Jonice Bricker is a Finalist in the 10th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.

2016 Purple Dragonfly Awards: Honorable Mention for Picture Books 5 & Younger

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