SDP Publishing's Independent Authors Find Success with Professional Reviews and Contests

A few months ago, in our blog post,”The Importance of Professional Reviews for Maximizing Your Book’s Exposure,” we discussed ways independent authors can build credibility for their work, including submitting books for review by third-party reviewers – paid and free online book review sites, bloggers, and book contests. We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the successes that SDP Publishing‘s independent authors have achieved with third-party reviewers over the last few months. We are so proud to have worked with the following authors and thrilled to share in their success!

The Storymaker by Jeff Katzman, Quarterfinalist, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition

Martin has shut himself off from life. Too many people he loved have left him: his wife, his mother, his father, his best friend. Once a fearless adventurer and world traveler, he now works in a mind-numbing federal job, raising his two children on his own. A severe accident serves as a wake up call. To calm his young children, he creates a story of a distant land stirring from somewhere deep within him. His next door neighbor, Jane, joins in the ritual, slowly becoming a part of their family. As Martin’s own story unfolds, the tale he tells his children mirrors a new energy, a new life, and a new future.

Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award Program
“This is an exquisite piece of writing with a unique style rich in natural eloquence and aplomb. It is intense and provocative, probing and compelling. I appreciated in particular the fluidity of the narrative, the depth in characterizations, and the nuance and authenticity of the dialogue.”

“The narrative is well balanced and bursting with originality and style. The author has mastered the elemental principles of composition and storytelling.”

“This author is extremely gifted, choosing themes that are relevant and expressing them with finesse and style. The author has clearly positioned himself for success with this novel, appealing to a broad general audience.”

~ABNA Expert Reviewer

Click here to learn more about The Storymaker.

Your Inside Shape by Christine Sarno-Doyle, Submitted for Review with Kirkus Reviews

Your Inside Shape is a children’s book that offers readers a lesson in individuality and helps young minds realize their own unique potential to the world. With easy-to-follow poetic verse and guided illustrations, Your Inside Shape joins Orion and his friends as they learn that what is on the inside is more important than what is on the outside. Children will enjoy learning how to discover their own passions, interests, and talents and how these inside shapes will be carried with them their entire lives. This original picture book explains in simple terms how to discover those inner qualities, how to appreciate them and to respect the qualities of others.


Reviewed by Kirkus Reviews
“A motivational picture book by author Sarno-Doyle designed to teach kids about exploring their own abilities and hobbies.

Using the metaphor of an “inside shape” for the inner being, Sarno-Doyle aims to teach kids to weigh inner values over outer appearances. Written for very young children, the book is bright and full of lively images. In 30-some pages, the author explains the difference between “outside shape” (hair, clothes, ethnicity, etc.) and “inside shape,” the inner interests that children need to develop to become full-fledged, happy individuals.

Many of the possible interests here are professional and educational-science, animal welfare, books, mathematics. The book also offers inspiration for kids to develop extracurricular activities, including sports and fishing. There are several open-ended prompts at the beginning of the book to get readers started: “I like to…” or “I don’t like to….” These questions are designed to help children explore their strengths and the skills they want to learn…. Charmingly illustrated … with old-fashioned images of children at play, the text will appeal to parents looking for inspiring books for their young children.

Fans of the Free To Be You And Me style of children’s literature will appreciate the inspiring message about developing children’s passions….”

Click here to learn more about Your Inside Shape.

Congratulations to our esteemed authors! If you’re interested in learning more about how to maximize your book’s exposure and gain credibility through third-party reviews or by entering contests, contact SDP Publishing. We have extensive experience working with authors to submit their work to third-party reviewers and expanding their marketing potential.

SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC (formerly Sweet Dreams Publishing of Massachusetts)  offers optimal publishing solutions for authors worldwide. From literary agency representation to worldwide marketing – including international rights – and independent publishing, we provide the best solutions for authors. Our services include developmental editing and copyediting, custom cover design and layout, book marketing, query letter and book proposals, literary agency representation, print and e-book development. We provide the best exposure for your book!

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