SDP Publishing Solutions Offers Professional Independent Book Publishing

SDP Publishing Solutions Offers Professional Independent Book Publishing

SDP Publishing helps authors with every step of publication.

BOSTON, Mass. — SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC provides authors with comprehensive solutions to get their books published and seen by a wide audience. The company offers the highest level of editorial, book design, marketing and independent publishing services for authors through their well-established imprint.

SDP Publishing Founder Lisa Akoury-Ross explained, “Since many of the authors we work with come from professional backgrounds such as doctors, attorneys, broadcasting and business executives, our personalized approach combined with our extensive experience enables them to be comfortable and confident throughout every step of the journey, even if it is the first book they have had published.”

Every author retains full rights to their works, and the strategies are designed to ensure authors see generous royalties along the way.  The imprint publishes a wide variety of genres including nonfiction, fiction, young adult fiction, children’s books, poetry and more.

“Each book and author is different and has specific needs in order to successfully publish their book ─ whether it is ghostwriting, illustrations, editing, a website, social media, etc. ─ we will help them with every aspect,” said Akoury-Ross.

SDP Publishing Solutions’ mission is to help authors every step of the way when it comes to publishing their work. One aspect that sets SDP Publishing Solutions apart is the care taken in matching an author’s writing style and personality with the right team members. SDP Publishing Solutions understands that every project is unique, requiring different levels of editorial services. The team is highly talented and diverse, encompassing copy editors, proofreaders, developmental editors, writing coaches and ghostwriters. They offer a range of services to accommodate individual manuscript needs and budgets.

SDP Publishing Solutions offers a unique suite of services to authors looking to create a beautiful, professionally finished book. Their experienced design team can craft breathtaking custom book covers that will draw attention and give readers an idea of what to expect. Project managers provide expert services, guiding authors through the process from manuscript to print with personal support throughout.

For those seeking additional promotional help, the savvy marketing team can devise an effective plan customized to get maximum visibility for the author’s work. Through both traditional and nontraditional strategies such as advertising, online presence, email blasts, independent bookstore pitching and media exposure, SDP Publishing Solutions strives to ensure all their authors have their brilliant stories reach their intended audiences.

Akoury-Ross added, “We view our authors as entrepreneurs, laying the foundation for successful independent publications that transform authors into brands. Each title receives the attention of an individual business regarding marketing and sales tactics.”

 SDP Publishing Solutions

SDP Publishing Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end book publishing solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the company offers a range of services including editorial, design, production and distribution for both traditional print and digital publishing. Their team of experts works closely with clients to develop customized solutions and ensure the success of every project. Contact SDP Publishing to learn more about how they can help or visit SDP Publishing’s website at

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