SDP Publishing Author, Phyllis R. Brown’s Book Help Me! I’m Slipping, Receives Endorsement from Author of Memories from My Life Blog: An Alzheimer's Blog

9780989972383-Perfect_cover_HelpMe_04-24-14.inddAt SDP Publishing, we love it when our authors and their books get recognized by reviewers, bloggers, or other media outlets! SDP Publishing author, Phyllis R. Brown, recently received a fantastic endorsement for her book, Help Me! I’m Slipping, from Patricia White, Memories From My Life Blog and Founder, Congratulations, Phyllis! You can read her endorsement below.

“Phyllis Brown did not sit idly by as her husband’s dementia deepened. Using every opportunity along with her creative resourcefulness she helped her husband to enjoy life to its fullest, adjusting to his condition, for as long as he lived. She shares freely what worked for them in the form of strategies and tips along with suggested activities. If asked to recommend one book as a resource to caregivers, it would be Phyllis Brown’s book.” ~Patricia White, Memories From My Life Blog, Founder,

About Help Me! I’m Slipping

Theirs had been a love story, a story of friendship, courtship and marriage, beginning when she was seventeen and he was a dashing Navy officer. It was a fairytale that never ceased—even Alzheimer’s couldn’t come between them. Phyllis Brown relives this one-of-a-kind love she shared with her husband, Bert, in HELP ME! I’m Slipping.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are many signs of the disease. The author noticed some of these signs in her husband, but she completely ignored them at first. A highly successful businessman, a gentle yet hardworking person who never stopped until he accomplished his goals, Bert was adept at hiding his memory loss. But as soon as it was confirmed that he had Alzheimer’s disease, his wife went into action. Phyllis may not have been well-equipped with medical information and guidelines, but she was determined to give all her love and support to make the last years of Bert’s life as happy as they could possibly be.

HELP ME! I’m Slipping follows the author’s difficult yet rewarding experience as she helps her husband through the uncharted waters of Alzheimer’s. From her journey, she shares lessons that she learned with her readers. In each day, she found something they could enjoy together: moments of love, and even fun and laughter. From strategies for helping her husband maintain his dignity to tips on activities that can be enjoyed daily, this book provides a truly inspiring testament to a love that endures.

To learn more about Phyllis Brown, please check our interview with her: Author Corner: Phyllis Brown, Author of Help Me! I’m Slipping, Talks about Finding Solace in Writing and Her Hope that her Book Will Help Caregivers. For more information about her book, please visit:

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