Who’s Going To Be You?


“Another splendid and amazing book by Christine Sarno-Doyle. We absolutely loved her previous book, Your Inside Shape. This book delivers what every child needs to hear – it is ok to be you and be unique.  She nails it with by asking, “Who’s going to be you if you want to be someone else?”  This book bring along characters, like Perry the Porcupine, to help Darcie realize how special she is.  A chapter book for the older children that continues to encourage children to be comfortable with who they are.”

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Like many young children, Darcie struggles to fit in with the rest of her peers. She doesn’t always like to do the things her friends and playmates like to do, and she wishes she could be more like them. Darcie believes being more like her peers will make her happy, until one day, a mysterious voice asks, “Then who’s going to be you?”

As Darcie searches to answer this question, she learns to love herself, her world, and to do the things that make her happy. Along the way, she makes some charming new friends that invite her and readers into their magical, special world, where being “you” is the only way to be!

About the Author

Christine Sarno-Doyle is an author and inspirational writer who has published a number of motivational articles. She describes her writing purpose as a means to empower others, specifically in their quest to discover and focus on their individuality. “I’m all about personal growth and empowerment, and my hope is that what I offer will inspire others. For children, learning to value themselves can never come too early.” Widowed at nineteen after losing her mother at fifteen, Christine says that she struggled with her own sense of self early on and since that, “It’s always been important to me to reach out and help others with their sense of belonging and self-esteem.”

Before becoming a full-time writer, Christine’s career included development, marketing communications, and public relations. At the age of 45 she graduated Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice followed by a first year of law studies at Massachusetts School of Law at Andover. Health issues cut short her legal career and brought about a reassessment of her goals. Christine decided it was time to return to her first love: writing, and to follow her dream of becoming a published author.

More information about Christine Sarno-Doyle, her writings, and her inspirational articles can be found at her website:  http://www.christinesarnodoyle.com/.

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Who’s Going To Be You?