There Is a Mouse That Is Haunting Our House


“Just like a scurrying mouse can spark a child’s imagination, sometimes a book is more than mere words and pictures. Diane Danielson’s clever poem and Ayana LaSalle’s charming illustrations combine to capture the creativity of youth, the challenge of new surroundings, and the bond between mother and son.”
—Brad Herzog, author of Francis and Eddie

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For one young child, moving from the bright lights of the city to a tiny village by the sea means leaving behind familiar sights and sounds. Now in the dark hours of the night, in the quiet of the old house perched up on a hill, even the smallest noise can spark his imagination. Those scratching sounds that come from the walls, they couldn’t be ghosts … or could they?

Diane K. Danielson brings young readers this fantastical tale of a young boy and his mother settling into their new home, where they discover an unexpected and unusual house guest. Written in whimsical verse, There Is a Mouse That Is Haunting Our House is an original spooky tale that will appeal to imaginative minds of all ages.

About the Author

Diane K. Danielson and her son Andrew live in Cohasset, MA having moved there from Brookline, MA when Andrew was in first grade. While they no longer live alone in that house on the hill, they will always remember the little mouse that would scurry around in their walls. Diane and Andrew are pleased to report that they have both fully adapted to life in a small town and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

About the Illustrator

Ayana LaSalle grew up in Marshfield and is the author’s niece. She is currently attending college where she is focusing on developing her skills as an artist.

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There Is a Mouse That Is Haunting Our House