The Way of the Meadow


“Velma Ann Begley has taken the knowledge she has gained from years of studying nature and teaching children to write an enchanting story of a girl, a group of fairies and a meadow.

…The [illustrations] and text paint a world where the boundary between the imagined and the real disappear. The fairies and the child work together, but it is not the imaginary world of a time long ago or an altered universe. It is right here and now where a development nearby infiltrates the peaceful meadow and we can only hope for a good outcome…

It is wonderful to think that there may be hundreds of budding ‘Willa’s’ out there who are young enough to believe and old enough to make a difference in the world who will be inspired by Begley’s book, The Way of the Meadow.
—Ted Hirsch, K-6 Principal, South Shore Charter Public School

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In the magical world of the meadow, the flowers bloom, the insects buzz, and the butterflies roam free. The plants and animals live together in harmony, with help from a curious and ecologically-minded girl named Willa. But the beauty of nature has other battles to fight, and Willa discovers that sometimes Mother Nature sends help to protect the meadow—in the form of very enchanting and wonderful little fairies.

Velma Begley’s The Way of the Meadow is a look into our ecosystem, and what can happen when man and nature collide. With a poetic voice, Begley crafts a world both true and fabled, where conservation is an effort all readers can appreciate.

About the Author

Velma Begley resides in the seaside community of Cohasset, Massachusetts, although she considers herself more a spirit of the field and forest than of the water. She observes and records the comings and goings of the creatures of the earth, trees, and sky from the weedy gardens of her family’s antique farmhouse. Her backyard sketchbooks recount the adventures of creatures such as butterflies, hummingbirds, chipmunks, and fairies as they work hard to coexist in a dangerous world filled with cats, dogs, chemicals, and humans.

Velma has a BA in education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a master’s degree in Reading from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts. Velma is a founding teacher of a charter school, where she continues to teach a multi-aged class of first and second graders.

As an elementary school teacher, Velma has strived to pass a “green” message on to the next generation. She dedicated ten years to owning and operating a butterfly release company, Whispering Wings, and is a former president of the International Butterfly Breeders Association.

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The Way of the Meadow