The Artemis Connection


“…The absorbing fantasy mystery is replete with plot twists, an ancient curse, Italian folklore, Native American Folklore and includes eye-opening brain science. The novel is totally unique illustrating the superb writing skills of the author.”
—Reviewed in “The Mindquest Review Of Books,” February 2016 by Lightword Publishing

“… Di Paolo deftly weaves the various plot threads together, creating an enjoyable, well-crafted mystery that whisks the reader from Philadelphia to Milan to a small village in the Italian mountains, all while exploring both Italian and Native American folklore. The fantasy elements, which are subtly teased out until the end, may occur a bit abruptly for some readers’ tastes — and the idea of magical Native Americans is well-trodden — the journey makes for a fun read. Diana’s a compelling main character who strikes just the right balance between Mulder and Scully. An imaginative fantasy that has fun weaving together folklore, medicine, and ancient curses, providing a fresh twist on a classic formula.”
—Kirkus Reviews, September 2015

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The Artemis Connection offers a fascinating look into the story of Diana Valleverde’s mysterious experiences.

She doesn’t believe in ghosts. She doesn’t believe in witches or curses or spells. The doctor doesn’t believe in anything that science can’t explain, but Diana Valleverde is about to learn that knowledge is an evolving proposition. Her research into brain function is uncovering secrets within the mind, but none like the one kept hidden from her since before she was born.

When her brother, a curator at the university museum, gives her a family keepsake from their recently deceased grandmother, Diana begins a journey that will take her from Pennsylvania to Milan and the Italian Alps, to discover what lies hidden inside and what has caused her recent affliction by what she knows must be sleep paralysis attacks, a frightening condition in which she awakens, unable to move or cry out, with the overwhelming sense something unseen is suffocating her. There must be a medical explanation for these attacks.

There must be… Right?

About the Author:

A Pennsylvania native, physician, and lover of folk tales, David Di Paolo helped investigate the cross-cultural occurrence of sleep paralysis attacks while in medical school, a project inspired by the Old Hag myth of Newfoundland.

He has specialty training in brain and spine imaging and has participated in research studies using MRI. Other writing credits include scripts for medical segments airing on the television evening news, fitness articles for the Tyler Morning Telegraph, and a wellness blog for The Artemis Connection is his first novel.

About the Artist:

Diane Ditzler Frossard has been painting and drawing since childhood. She has a passion for plein-air painting, striving to convey the essence of life’s tranquil moments and to create a respite from the turmoil of the world. In her art, she tends to portray the beauty in ordinary subjects—both portraits and landscapes, with special emphasis on the light on the subject. Her daughter served as the inspiration for the cover art. Diane’s website is

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The fascinating The Artemis Connection offers a fictionalized view into the mystifying condition of sleep paralysis - click through to learn more!
The Artemis Connection