Still Laughing: Stories from an Extraordinary Friendship

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Meet Alyce and Luci, two young stay-at-home mothers thrust into a new development in a small town. With commuter husbands and eight children between them, they navigate the perils of raising well-adjusted children while retaining their own sanity with very little money. But babies become toddlers, go to school, and eventually become young adults. How can women grow with their children? How do they maintain a balance that allows for personal growth while enjoying motherhood? The answer: friendship and laughter.

So begins this light-hearted story of how a friendship that has lasted over fifty years survived the different phases in the lives of these women, especially the frazzled phase of child rearing, when taking an uninterrupted shower required incredible logistics. The adventures abound: Driving to Ohio from Massachusetts with seven children under twelve in an old Buick? No problem. Trying to lose weight and stave off wrinkles? Alas, Mother Nature is cruel. Trying to add to the family coffers? You win some, you lose some.

Travel through the years with them as they discover the power of female friendship to buttress them against challenges and dare both women to approach new opportunities, develop faith in themselves, and revel in the joy of laughter.


About the Authors:

Luci Record, originally from Rhode Island, and Alyce Hennelly, a Massachusetts native, became neighbors in Hanson in 1971 and continue to be dear friends to this day. Alyce and her husband Ron raised five children while Luci and her husband Jim raised three children in Hanson. In 2001 the Hennellys became snowbirds and retired to Florida The snowbirds return each summer and the winter holidays. The Records remain the last original family in the development. Writing the book of their adventures together was an opportunity to reminisce about the journey of their friendship and share the wisdom and humor they have discovered in finding joy in the moment and inspiration in challenging themselves.




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Still Laughing: Stories from an Extraordinary Friendship
Original price was: $15.95.Current price is: $13.95.