Since Dorchester

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Local radio icon, Jordan Rich and the WBZ Book Club podcast has great things to say about “Dorchester Girl,” a memoir written by Judith Kirwan Kelley. Check it out in this 2 min podcast: Those “O.F.D.” will love this book!


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Judith Kirwan Kelley is the author of Dorchester Girl (SDP Publishing, 2021). In her second book, Since Dorchester, Kirwan Kelley continues her journey, only persuaded to “get in the car or we’re moving without you!” by extreme familial pressure to leave her beloved Dorchester birthplace behind when her family moved to Boston’s South Shore in 1968.

This is a memoir—but one infused with historical, sociopolitical, and economic background that molded the family’s choices. Possessing academic degrees, including a bachelor’s degree from Boston State College and a Doctor of Philosophy from Brown University, Kirwan Kelley brings theoretical perspectives from numerous fields to her book. The stories presented in Since Dorchester show us Kirwan Kelley growing up as a city girl in tumultuous social times, the causes and consequences of frequent moves, and the effects of rapid social change on family structure and society as a whole from women’s rights, civil rights, the sexual revolution, and dynamic political changes. Enjoy!

About the Author

Judith Kirwan Kelley was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1954 and lived there until the family joined in suburban migration, otherwise known as “white flight,” in 1968. One of seven children in a typical Irish Catholic family, her relatives include, among others, Boston police officers, laborers, and housewives. Kirwan Kelley, a scholar with a Brown University PhD in sociology, considers herself a lifetime creative writer. However, Kirwan Kelley’s most valuable roles are as a socially conscious, married mother of three adult daughters, and “Mimi” to her six grandchildren. Storytelling has always been part of her life.





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Since Dorchester
Original price was: $17.95.Current price is: $15.95.