Onion Dome


“Onion Dome is a spine-tingling adventure from start to finish.”
—Charles Stoddard, retired CEO, Grand Bank, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Onion Dome is a wonderful, hard-to-put-down read. Steven Dahl plays against his main character’s internal values while placing Brayden in the midst of a murder mystery with priceless, antique crown jewels just within reach.”
—Dennis Tolman, Lt. Col. U.S. Army National Guard Ret.

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In a tiny church topped with an onion dome in rural Poland lies a very rich secret. Brayden Ballard has no idea what trouble will come from exploring the inside of the church’s beautiful onion dome. Finding a guano-encrusted satchel of precious gemstones, he quickly learns that the many secrets hidden in the onion dome far outnumber the beautiful stones.

The latest tale of intrigue from author Steven Dahl, Onion Dome, journeys from the Polish countryside to Colorado to the lights of Las Vegas as Brayden contemplates a life of wealth on the run, evading the authorities, Polish Mafiosi, and trying to solve a decades-old, cold case murder.

About the Author:

After thirty years of medical practice — delivering more than seven thousand babies — and raising five children with his wife, Paula, Steven I. Dahl now splits his time between their homes in the Arizona desert and the mountain peaks of Utah.

Their most recent travels took them to central Europe, where for over a year they managed the medical care of the Latter-Day Saints missionaries and researched the health care systems in such fascinating countries as Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Serbia.

These European adventures added to Dr. Dahl’s experiences of living on the tiny islands of the Pacific, his Vietnamese experience on a navy hospital ship, and time spent in a struggling Liberian hospital. His previous fascination with ranching, flying, scuba diving, sailing, and serving his country as a major in the US Army all add credence and a realistic twist to his stories.

The best days of his life are those spent with his wife and family, especially with their children and grandchildren. With his sixth novel penned, and another taking shape, he and Paula will stay put in the United States for a while to watch the grandkids grow.


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In Onion Dome we are taken on a transcontinental journey to solve a decades old cold case murder, all triggered by the discovery of bag of gems - come learn more about this exciting book!
Onion Dome