Mrs. Mourning Dove: A Tale of Love and Caring


Mrs. Mourning Dove is a sweet, gentle story of friendship between a grandmother and a mother mourning dove with fantastic bits of life wisdom woven throughout!”

—Pat Arone, first grade teacher, Ezra H. Baker Innovation School

Mrs. Mourning Dove reminds us all that no one is ever truly alone. Mrs. Dove, and the family she brings forth, stand as a reminder to Annie that life goes on, that she is surrounded by a supportive community, and that love conquers all.”

—Marie Coady, librarian, Holmes Public Library

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In Chris Vadeboncour’s Mrs. Mourning Dove, readers will delight in Annie and Peter’s discovery of a new bird family nesting right outside the window. All it took was a potted geranium, a determined momma dove, and a lot of love to transform Annie and Peter’s ordinary winter on the Cape into a treasured story. As Annie, her grandson, and the community are awed by this late winter miracle, readers too will become inspired by this classic tale. Based on Vadeboncour’s real-life experience, Mrs. Mourning Dove is a story we all can relate to.

About the Author

A Massachusetts native, Chris Vadeboncour is the proud mother of four daughters, eleven grandchildren, and one great-grandson. She has been writing memoir stories for her grandchildren for more than twenty years. This story was inspired by an experience in her Cape home that made such a memorable impression she had to write about it; she hopes her story will inspire others.

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Click through for more about the delightful Mrs. Mourning Dove, where a late winter miracle involving a sweet dove, a potted plant and a lot of caring love becomes a modern classic tale.
Mrs. Mourning Dove: A Tale of Love and Caring