In the Waters of Time


“An intriguing, well-constructed story that follows two kindred souls across the decades.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“This novel is for all lovers of romance and the unexpected, who can appreciate sound character development and a well-written exposé of the human spirit as it travels through time.”
—Lois Henderson, Book Pleasures

Finalist in the category of Genre Fiction, Independent Book Publishers of New England Book Awards

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Jane Eliot has been haunted by a gloomy dream all her life. While she is relaxed on an island in the brilliance of autumn, the dream grows bold, invading her consciousness when she is wide awake.

She sees snippets of life through the eyes of 19th-century Elizabeth, a wealthy and beautiful mother of five drawn to teaching at a grim workhouse by its handsome new master, Jordan Locke. Jane witnesses Elizabeth’s life unraveling and is tormented by what this means for her own life. Unknowingly ensnared by spirits from the past, Jane must uncover and clear away the intrusion of unsettled spirits in order to chart a course for her life and find her path to spiritual freedom, clarity, and power.

In the Waters of Time demonstrates the ongoing life of a soul. It is a psychological mystery that dives into a wellspring of gripping and luscious history, and portrays the drama of soul attraction and love across time.

About the Author

Bette Lischke lives with her husband in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where she is active in theater and the Newburyport Choral Society.

In addition to fiction, Bette enjoys writing songs. She has produced a compact disc of one of her stories: “Santa Claus & the Elf Scout Leaders,” which includes seven original songs. There are eight melodies in “Santa’s Magic,” a three-act play for children’s theater.

Bette paints with watercolor and studies yoga, dowsing, tai chi, and all things spiritual. She has worked as an executive recruiter, social worker, writer, hypnotist, and nanny. She is both teacher and student of seven grandchildren, and blessed as well, by their proximity.

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In the Waters of Time