Doubloon! (Hardcover)

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2020 Honorable Mention under  Best Cover Design and Best Chapter Book categories: Purple Dragonfly Awards:

2020 Winner in the New York City Big Book Awards:

“…. An endearing and poignant vacation read for young readers.”

—Kirkus Review, April 16, 2020



Chasing their fantasy of finding buried treasure on their first beach vacation, nine-year old Tommy and his older brother Auggie unearth a two-hundred-year-old mystery. After a series of strange mishaps begin to haunt them and their family, they begin searching for the truth and the meaning of their treasure. With the help of a friendly neighbor, they meet a reclusive, old fisherman who helps them understand the power of the pirate treasure find.

This story is set on a pristine southwest Florida barrier island that is teeming with beautiful wildlife such as tortoises, dolphins, manatees, pelicans and ospreys that become characters themselves in this exciting outdoor adventure novel. Doubloon! is a delightful story told through the eyes of a nine-year old boy with an unforgettable cast of characters who are relatable, funny and love solving an old mystery.

About the Author

Bruce Rougraff is married with four wonderful children and one grandchild. He lives in Indianapolis and loves fishing, hunting, hiking, ATVs, jet skis, boats, and snowmobiles. His favorite places to visit are Mexico, southwest Florida, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. He grew up in Texas and spent every weekend as a boy on the beach of Galveston Island. Now he is a lifelong beach bum who can’t stop digging for treasure in the sand.

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