Co-Crazy : One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction: A Memoir & Roadmap to Freedom


“Co-Crazy: One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction: A Memoir and Roadmap to Freedom,” by Sarah Michaud is a 2022 NYC Big Book Award Winner in the category of Addiction & Recovery!

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Author and Psychologist, Sarah Michaud, discusses her book, “Co-Crazy,” and shares insight on her “Roadmap to Freedom,” in her first podcast! Check out the link:



SARAH MICHAUD’S CO-CRAZY BEGINS WITH a chronicle of growing up in a family with alcoholism that eventually led to a harrowing journey and downward spiral into drug and alcohol addiction. Her inspiring recovery is deeply authentic, and Michaud’s vivid descriptions are both heartbreaking and illuminating. Co-Crazy encourages a path to recovery and is for anyone who also struggles with addiction and codependency. Michaud offers her own life-changing story as a backdrop to her no-nonsense advice, tips, and case studies. The author’s comprehensive prescription for recovery is outlined in a step-by-step guide that will assist readers to combat, and perhaps defeat, one of the most pervasive and insidious problems in our culture.

If you are suffering in a relationship where you want someone to be different and you feel stuck, this book will help you. If you discover that your partner or loved one is using drugs or alcohol, this book will help you. If you feel it is difficult to stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries, this book will help you. If you are overwhelmed by the people you love and care for because you feel responsible for their unhealthy behavior, this book will help you.

Co-Crazy identifies what unconscious feelings are running our lives without our even knowing it. It will give you the tools to begin to speak for yourself and learn how to tolerate your “feeling states.” Finally, Co-Crazy is about facing your truth and embracing your new life.


About the Author

Sarah Michaud, PsyD is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in addiction and co-dependency for over thirty years. After twenty years of sobriety, she was forced to confront the horrors of her husband relapsing and the desperate behaviors one attempts to save another. What unfolded was a life that she could never have imagined. This book is about her journey back to her true self. It will help anyone who wants to live beyond trying to save, fix, or change another, whether it is a child, a spouse, a relative, or friend. It will transform you from the profound and debilitating effects of codependency to a life of authenticity, laughter, openness, and peace.



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Co-Crazy : One Psychologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction: A Memoir & Roadmap to Freedom