By April’s Kiss (Hardcover)


“In By April’s Kiss, a book of poetry by David DiPaolo, we are presented with an array of poems that strike one at first descriptively, through solid and vivid image, and then emotionally, as the core of the poem becomes clear and resonates clearly through the reader…. The poetry here is informal, a kind of free verse, and it does this well – employing a slippery veer and jumping logic that is responsive to the shifting intuitions and insights of human consciousness as it sets to work on a problem or situation…. The overall design of the book is professional with crisp and sharp photographs sprinkled throughout and lush painted images inserted as well. The cover image for the book is quiet and serene, signaling to the reader about the importance of introspection and reflection on the poetic journey.”
—Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“The poems are memorable, the photos and artwork thematically appropriate, “By April’s Kiss” is an inherently engaging read from cover to cover. One of those rare volumes of poetry that will linger in the mind long after the book itself is finished and set back upon the shelf, “By April’s Kiss” is unreservedly recommended for personal, community, and academic library collection. ‘Let Me Not Be Vexed’: A hand not taken. / A smile not reciprocated. / An embrace not partaken. / A Kiss not requited. / A moment not shared. / Let these things be the markers of what should vex me.”
—Midwest Book Review

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Interview with David Di Paolo

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By April’s Kiss (hardcover) captures the classic poetic hero—the journeyman—as he continually searches for the elusive place we call “home.” David Di Paolo takes the reader along his own path of discovery, leading right up to the edge of darkness and back again. By April’s Kiss draws upon Di Paolo’s experiences of illness and loss with great wisdom and care, examining the essence of life once all the layers of the world are stripped away. With poetry, photography by Di Paolo, and the addition of artwork from Diane Frossard, By April’s Kiss is sure to become a staple in every reader’s library.  We offer both By April’s Kiss (paperback) and By April’s Kiss (hardcover) on our site.

About the Author

Author of the Magical Realism novel, The Artemis Connection, David Di Paolo also has written scripts for medical segments airing on the television evening news, contributed fitness articles to the Tyler Morning Telegraph, and authored a wellness blog for He is a physician and photographer, providing many of the images for this publication. This is his second book.

A lifetime artist, Diane Ditzler Frossard has a passion for both portrait work and plein-air painting. Her focus is on the effects of light and dynamic design—rather than a specific subject—striving to go beyond documentation, capturing the mood and beauty of a unique moment in time and creating a visual poem. Her daughters Hannah and Kelly served as models for some of the artwork in this book. Diane’s website is

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Click through for By April’s Kiss (hardcover) which captures the classic poetic hero—the journeyman—as he continually searches for the elusive place we call “home.”
By April’s Kiss (Hardcover)