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“Many times, when given a choice between reading fiction or non-fiction, I end up choosing a book that tells a real-life story. I am not against a good old-fashioned made-up tale, but when presented with the two options, I generally pick the one that will enlighten by way of allowing me into the world of another person.

This book is listed as a romance memoir, but it is so much more than that. I would recommend it to anyone who is in or has been in a relationship with their soulmate because you will find this author’s work resonating with your spirit. The author eloquently writes not only letters but she also includes her original poetry that is sprinkled throughout the book. Most will find this selection heartwarming.

While there are many humorous occasions, I found myself in tears, and I had to stop reading to clear my vision so I could read the next chapter. I would advise all those who pick up this book to keep the Kleenex box within hands’ reach because of the emotional impact that the writing will have on you. I am giving this book a ‘4 out of 4 star’ rating.”
—Reviewed by, cpru68**29 Aug 2018

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It’s difficult to pretend you love someone when you don’t. It’s even harder to pretend you don’t love someone when you do. To whom do we belong? To our spouses or to each other? My husband, the love of my life, met me when we were married to other people. Unforeseen circumstances gave us the chance to receive and absorb real love.

This memoir is the story of our romance, told in letters. Read how we came to realize we were just existing in our respective marriages and became reluctant lovers. Travel with us through our heart-wrenching journey…the immeasurable pain, anger, sorrow and betrayal of our first marriage vows, the lives we were responsible for tearing apart, and the fear of losing it all. In spite of everything, we lived our happily ever after for 25 years…and then in a dance between heaven and earth, proving that love lives on forever.

About the Author

Anita A. Caruso was an interior decorator for over 40 years and a columnist for the Cape Cod Digest magazine, writing a series of weekly articles pertaining to her profession. This led her to express her talents in writing and lecturing before diverse groups. Her artistic expressions were developed earlier in her life through fashion modeling and theater. Anita was a member of the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Cape Cod and was one of the finalists for Woman of the Year, 1975. In 1986, she founded Investments Unlimited of Cape Cod. The club, made up of thirteen professional women, just celebrated its 27th year. Anita has been actively involved in a weekly writing group for six years. She is also a member of the Cape Cod Writers Center. Anita lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and has been honored for outstanding Excellence and Dedication to her Profession and the Achievement of Women for 2013-2014.She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

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