Anna’s Big Wish

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*Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Religious category of the 2020 American Fiction Awards
*Featured in the Middlesex East News:


Anna’s Big Wish is a charming story about how six-year-old Anna gets her biggest wish of all. Her unusual request is that she really wants to visit her recently deceased grandmother, Nana. With easy to understand and sensitive dialog, young readers can travel with Anna as she gets to say goodbye to her grandmother on her own terms. This beautifully illustrated book and tender story will help children overcome their fears, worries, and concerns about loss of loved family and friends.

About the Author

Tracy Harding is a pediatric occupational therapist and has been working in a public school system outside the Boston area for the past twenty-five years. Working with children is her first love, and her book was inspired by that passion, and by her abiding love for her mother, Joanne A. Harding. This is her debut children’s illustrated book. Tracy would like to encourage readers to go to her website to learn more about grief and loss counseling for children.

About the Illustrator

Anna Mosca is an Italian illustrator. Currently, she is studying philosophy at the University of Genoa, plus art and illustration at the International School of Comics. She loves to give voice to characters, and make their fantasies come to life. Anna’s Big Wish is her debut children’s illustrated book for SDP Publishing. She has been commissioned to illustrate a forthcoming children’s title due out this summer. Anna is an enthusiastic, humorous person full of creativity and determination. Her motto: “Head in the clouds but feet on the ground!”

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2 reviews for Anna’s Big Wish

  1. Dave Roberts

    Tracy Harding did an exemplary job writing a book that demonstrates how children how can honor their deceased loved ones and that saying goodbye is more often than not saying hello. Her book minimizes the fear of death for a child. Great illustrations as well! Anna’s Big Wish is a book that I would highly recommend to parents and educators alike.

  2. KimS

    *Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Religious category of the 2020 American Fiction Awards

    *Featured in the Middlesex East News:

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