Physician Author, Publish Thyself

What do Arthur Conan Doyle, Anton Chekhov, Khaled Hosseini, William Carlos Williams, and John Keats have in common? Well besides the fact that they are all world-famous writers, they were all trained as physicians. Of course, research and writing have almost always been a part of the academic side of the medical profession. But all of the physician authors listed above are considered some of the best-of-the-best in fiction and poetry. Ethan Canin, an author, educator, and physician who has published six novels, says: “Everyone has an expressive urge, but it’s particularly pronounced in those who pursue medicine. It’s like being a soldier. You’ve seen great and terrible things.”

Whether you want to publish medical books and journals, forensic mysteries and psychological thrillers, or even children’s books, independent publishing offers a great opportunity for you to get your writing out to the world. At SDP Publishing over the years, we have worked with many physician authors, who have turned to writing, as a means of creative expression based on their fount of knowledge. Becoming a doctor author is much easier than you might think, as you are surrounded by several ready-made audiences that are eager to read what you write.

Through educational titles, you have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to medical students throughout the world who crave your guidance and seek to be led past the professional pitfalls you may have encountered. Other physician authors have gathered stories from their patients about how they have lived longer lives or have overcome life-threatening diseases and conditions. Still others have written creative fiction and children’s books, based on their years of working the medical profession.

As you embark on this next journey of self publishing your book, you want a relationship with a publishing company that is as close and specialized as your relationships with your patients. Launched as a sister company to Modern Graphics, Inc., we have been helping medical professionals become successful doctor authors for more than 40 years, producing textbooks and reference materials for the medical and educational marketplaces. Our team of savvy editors, designers, and marketing specialists has earned an outstanding reputation for putting these books in the forefront of the sales channels where interested and passionate readers will find them.

SDP Publishing Solutions has extensive experience helping physician authors match their unique background and stories to one or more market niches and their audiences who won’t be able to put down your current book or wait for the next one.

Check out some of our recently published physician authors:

Dr. Gary McCarragher, Unhinged

Dr. Lewis Lefer, Blood

Dr. Steven I. Dahl, Chicken Fried Steak, HOA Gold!, Kick the Can, Picasso’s Zip Line

Gleeson Rebello, M.D., DareBone’s Big Break

Dr. Richard Blomberg, Warpath

If you’re interested in learning about how you, as a physician, can self publish your writing, please contact SDP Publishing. We are currently offering a great promotion to authors who are thinking about self-publishing. To receive your free 45-minute consultation, send us a one-paragraph book synopsis, a brief author bio, a list of comparable titles, and the first three chapters of your manuscript. SDP Publishing Solutions will review and set up time to talk with you to provide direction and recommendations on what you need to do to publish your book and get it on the market!

SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC (formerly Sweet Dreams Publishing of Massachusetts) is a leader of self publishing in Massachusetts. We offer optimal self-publishing solutions for authors worldwide. From literary agency representation to worldwide marketing – including international rights – and independent publishing, we provide the best solutions for authors. Our services include developmental editing and copy editing, custom cover design and layout, book marketing, query letter and book proposals, literary agency representation, print, and e-book development. We provide the best exposure for your book!

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