Phyllis R. Brown Publishes Book Documenting Her Life as Caregiver of Husband with Alzheimer’s

Through narrative and advice, Phyllis delivers hope and inspiration9780989972383-Perfect_cover_HelpMe_04-24-14.indd

Providence, R.I., June 12, 2014 – Phyllis R. Brown just released a new edition of her book, Help Me! I’m Slipping, a memoir of her relationship with her husband who fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease.

At its core, this is a love story. Brown started her journey with Bert at 17 and continued on for 65 years, remaining devoted to her soul mate the entire time. As a loving wife and caregiver, Brown recalls the final years of Bert’s life and the difficulties that came with them: side effects of various medications, trouble finding the right aides and problems with communication. Even with the difficulties, Brown emphasizes the highlights including visits with family members and friends along with moments of laughter and love.

Interspersed with advice on helping someone through the hardships of the disease, Brown documents her husband’s last years with careful detail and telling anecdotes. “We tried to enjoy something in each day, to find something to cherish,” she writes, whether that meant taking a walk, going down to the cafe for lunch, or just sitting together quietly, enjoying each other’s presence. Although battling through her own stress and emotional turmoil under the pressure of taking care of Bert, Brown supported her husband until the very end. She helped Bert maintain his dignity, and live a comfortable, happy life.

Combining personal narrative and facts about Alzheimer’s, Brown’s book is a comfort to caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, as well as anyone coping with a loved one’s illness. She turns this emotional story into an honest and inspiring book that will be sure to help caregivers learn to cherish the wonderful moments amidst strenuous hardships.  Help Me! I’m Slipping can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and SDP Publishing.

ISBN-13 (print): 978-0-9899723-8-3

e-ISBN-13 (ebook): 978-0-9899723-9-0.


Phyllis R. Brown, PhD, Professor Emerita of Chemistry at the University of Rhode Island, has an international reputation for her research and publications in the field of analytical chemistry. She has written over 200 articles in scientific journals and wrote or edited five books. She retired and became a caregiver when her husband of more than sixty years developed Alzheimer’s disease.

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