Have a non-fiction manuscript? Ready to publish your business book, inspirational book or memoir? Let SDP Publishing help you get started, with a sample review. For a $150.00 deposit, our non-fiction editorial experts will review your first chapter and edit your first ten pages. Contact us

Non-fiction publishing serves as part of the foundation of SDP Publishing Solutions, and continues to be a priority for our growing business. Our comprehensive, teamwork approach to publishing sets us apart from other independent and self-publishing houses, and gives our non-fiction authors a full-service publishing experience.

Our non-fiction authors have various professional backgrounds that give them the expertise and vision to launch their book projects with complete proficiency. Our titles range from memoirs to self-help workbooks, business books, to full-size titles with topics in the educational, medical, and legal fields. We specialize in helping authors that are interested in writing the following subject matters:


Some of the greatest stories ever written are personal tales of life and adventure. At SDP, we help authors craft their memoir and organize their life story into a compelling non-fiction book. We can start from an idea, an outline, notebooks or manuscript, with our expert non-fiction editors, your memoir can go from dream to reality.


Getting rave reviews on your family dinners? Have you always wanted to organize that collection of grandma’s recipes? Do you have a passion for cooking? At SDP Publishing Solutions, we offer editorial and design services specifically for authors interested in writing cookbooks. Our team of nonfiction pros can help take your tasty meals and foodie ideas into a beautiful cookbook!

Medical Books

SDP Publishing has been helping physicians, nurses and medical experts create nonfiction medical textbooks and reference materials for decades. Our professional team helps our nonfiction medical writers construct a succinct and knowledgeable medical text that will benefit readers and experts alike.


Our nonfiction editorial team works closely with our authors to help ready their manuscript for publication. Our professional editors specialize in working with non-fiction projects, and offer author guidance in developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading services. The non-fiction editing process helps you organize and tighten your book, so information is conveyed to the reader as efficiently as possible. An editor is chosen specifically to meet your needs, and will be a part of your project from creation of the manuscript through final proofread before printing.


Non-fiction books need designers too! Whether you’re working on an autobiography, creative non-fiction or a textbook, our design team is here to create the appropriate look and feel for your book. Our innovative designers will customize a cover fitting to your specifications and project, and our proficient design team offers skills and expertise in layout and design of the entire book, and takes on all of the responsibility of making your pages come to life!


The marketing team at SDP Publishing understands how important your project is to you, and we want you to succeed. Our staff has years of experience and have all the right connections to help market your nonfiction book, and to assist you with publicity services. From press releases to social media and web design to appearances and book signings, the pros at SDP Publishing have all of the knowledge and expertise you need.

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