Creative Ways You Can Monetize Your Author Status

Creative Ways You Can Monetize Your Author Status“Most authors obsess over one statistic: the number of books sold,” Joan Stewart starts her recent article in The Future of Ink: “33 Revenue Streams For Authors – Even If You Write Non-Fiction.” You might be saying to yourself: “Well … duh, of course. That’s what authors should be obsessing about!” Certainly, that’s an important part of being an author. As writers, we want people to be reading our books. We want to sell books. However, in her article, Stewart points out that you should see your books as potential starting points for other opportunities: “For the really smart, savvy authors, only one number really counts: how many revenue streams they can create from a book.”

There seems to be something for every kind of author in her piece. She breaks her 33 ideas for thinking about multiple revenue streams into a number of categories that speak to different genres, including:

  • For Beginning Authors
  • Teaching & Training
  • For Author Experts Only
  • Branded Retail Products
  • Consulting
  • Publishing Services

Some of our favorite suggestions include:

7) Pocket Guidebooks.

A Foodie’s Guide to New Orleans would be a perfect spinoff product for an author who writes a murder mystery about New Orleans.

24) Board Games

The Settlers of Catan board games, which have sold more than 18 million copies worldwide, are being turned into a book, proof that the book doesn’t always come first.

28) “Rent My Brain”

People who don’t need long-term access to you can rent your brain for an hour. At the end of their session, try to upsell them to a longer-term coaching or membership program.

You can the rest of the article for all of her 33 ideas.

The great thing about many of her suggestions is that they can help you create buzz for your book even before it’s completed. And, it’s likely that these types of spin-off products or booklets will help you sell more books in the long run. If you think about it, the sky is the limit. For example:

  • If you’re a children’s book author, you can create greeting cards or postcards that feature your characters and include important phrases from your book.
  • If you’ve authored a book of recipes, you can produce some short online video programs that feature your recipes.
  • If you’ve written a mystery novel, you could partner with a local establishment to host mystery dinners or tours.

We’d love to hear other ideas for creative ways that authors can promote their books. Drop us a line on Facebook or via our website.

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