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For 14 years, Jane Mitchell has explored the hearts, souls and scrapbooks of high profile athletes and rising stars for the television program One on One with Jane Mitchell. Now, with her signature style, 26 Emmys and a wide spectrum of fans, she has put a selection of athletes’ stories and more in a book. In One on One, Jane tells her story of becoming a journalist, of her personal and professional challenges, risks and joy of the enviable job of covering athletes, the most unlikely subject because she was not always a sports fan.

Who’s in it?

Hall of Famers, fan favorites and rising stars including: Ken Caminiti, Tony Gwynn, Junior Seau, LaDainian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, Trevor Hoffman, Jake Peavy, Antonio Gates, Dave Stewart, Tina Mickelson, Geoff Blum and David Wells. The athletes may have come through San Diego, but interest in them transcends a uniform. A Red Sox fan, for example, will be as thrilled to read about Red Sox heroes Ted Williams and Dave Roberts, as a Padres fan will be. Their stories go beyond the box score.

Who will want to read it?

Whether someone is a die-hard or casual sports fan, interested in great people stories or just curious about the life of a woman reporter “in a man’s world,” this book has something for readers across the gamut. The book is candid and honest. In the same way she has approached producing her programs as family television, the book is appropriate for all ages.

What makes it unique?

No one else has interviewed or done in-depth personal biographies on this particular collection of athletes.  For some, the One-on-One program is the only in-depth and comprehensive story on their life.  As the television programs have become a part of the sports archives and landscape in San Diego, this book, with Jane’s unique experience sharing their stories, serves as a little slice of history beyond the replays of the TV shows.

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