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Brayden’s Magical Carousel Horse: Book 2 in the Brayden’s Magical Journey Series

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2018 Purple Dragon Fly Award Winner!

“Why We LOVE These Books

Vibrant pictures will capture your children’s interest
Brayden is a character that kids can identify with
Whimsical characters add to the storyline
Fun adventures that encourage imagination
Great book for a night-time story to give your children sweet dreams”


Product Description

2018 Purple Dragon Fly Award Winner!

Brayden is visiting his great-grandmother’s house when he decides to take a ride on the playroom carousel horse. With help from his magical green sunglasses he finds himself on a real horse in the middle of a three-ring circus! With charm and wonderful imagination, author Anita A. Caruso’s “Brayden’s Magical Carousel Horse” offers readers a peek into life under the big top! Watch for the third book, “Brayden’s Magical Forest,” as Brayden climbs up to his tree house, and-with the help of his magical glasses-goes on a royal adventure to an enchanted forest, where a warrior princess needs his help to find the king’s daughter!

About the Author:

Anita Ann Caruso was an interior designer for more than 40 years and is the author of the memoir, “As Ever, Pudd:” A Love Story That Never Ends Told in Letters. From the age of 10 her imagination loved to create fun stories and exciting adventures. Being a grandmother to her 31 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren inspired her to write her first children’s book.
Brayden’s Magical Jungle is the first in a series of Brayden’s Magical Journey books. In each subsequent book Brayden will be teamed up with some of his cousins. “With this many great-grandchildren, and I’m sure, more to come, Brayden’s magical journey possibilities are endless,” Anita says.
Anita has lived on Cape Cod for 49 years.

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