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SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC (SDP)—formally Sweet Dreams Publishing of Massachusetts—is an independent publisher and foreign rights literary agency,* helping authors find the right publishing channels for their work. Using our imprint, SDP Publishing, we provide the highest level of editorial, book marketing, and independent publishing services for our authors.

SDP differs from most self publishing houses in that we work intimately with our authors and walk them through the complex web of getting published and marketed properly. We believe in putting together a comprehensive teamwork approach to produce the best book possible. Our authors retain 100 percent of their rights and enjoy generous royalties while going through the process step-by-step with our team. Independent publishing is not the same as self publishing since your name becomes the brand and your book is the product—we run each title as its own business.

For those who wish to pitch to traditional publishers, we help authors fine-tune their manuscripts and create comprehensive book proposals—including marketing kits and query letters—to help authors get the best chance to be reviewed by top traditional publishing houses.

Our vision is to be a leader in providing versatile publishing solutions for writers.

About Founder Lisa Akoury-Ross

Authors will receive one-on-one support and marketing advice from Lisa Akoury-Ross, founder of SDP. Lisa has been in the publishing business for over 25 years, serving some of the largest publishers in the medical, education and legal fields. She founded SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC to help the individual author self-publish his or her work professionally and cost-effectively, accepting all genres.

Our Beginnings

Lisa began her career in a family business—Modern Graphics, Inc. (MGI) of Weymouth, Massachusetts, which was in the book production business for 40 years, serving some of the largest publishers in the world, such as Pearson Education, Houghton-Mifflin, Wolters Kluwer, Jones & Bartlett, Little, Brown & Company, The National Fire Protection Agency, and more. The company specialized in the production of complex, large-scale books in the medical, education, banking and trade industries. Starting with draft manuscript from authors, MGI provided packaging services, including professional copy editing, proofreading, permissions, cover and interior design layout, illustration services and more.

Lisa launched SDP in 2009 when she realized that authors—especially those new to the industry—were in need of honest and professional help to publish independently (professional self-publishing). Our business is located in Southeastern Massachusetts, (South Shore of Boston, MA). We provide publishing services for all authors nationwide.

Our Team

  • Editorial: SDP believes that one size does not fit all in terms in editing. We offer different levels of editorial services, depending on your manuscript needs and budget. From basic copy editing and proofreading services, to developmental editing, writing coaching and ghostwriting services, we have a large pool of talented editors on our team. We take pride in matching each author’s writing style and personality with the right editorial team for them. We have editors whose specialties range from children’s picture books, YA, adult fiction, to non-fiction—including business books, medical books, self-help, cookbooks and memoirs. Such flexibility allows us to assemble the right team to help you produce the best book possible.
  • Design: Our design team has been in the industry for more than a decade, custom designing book covers and creating unique interior designs.
  • Project managers: Our project managers give you the one-on-one author support you deserve—from a raw, unedited manuscript to a professionally bound and printed book.
  • Book Marketing: Our marketing team devises customized marketing plans for each of our authors, using both traditional and non-traditional approaches to get maximum exposure for you and your book. From email blasts to customized pitching to independent bookstores and the media, we deliver results tailored to provide more visibility for your finished work.

*SDP is not a registered US literary agency. SDP represents a select few of our published titles under our imprint that may appeal to foreign, traditional publishers. SDP partners with European, Asian and South American literary agencies to promote their books for foreign language translation. To learn more, please contact us.

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