A Publishing Renaissance: Predictions for the Independent Publishing Market in 2013

On the Smashwords Blog, in a post titled, “Mark Coker’s 2013 Book Publishing Industry Predictions – Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge,” Smashwords founder Mark Coker says: “Five years ago, back in the dark ages of publishing, self-publishing was seen as the option of last resort. It was seen as the last refuge for failed authors. Publishers controlled the printing press, the access to distribution, and the knowledge to professionally publish, which made authors entirely dependent upon publishing gatekeepers. Today, these three elements of professional publishing are fully democratized.” Further, he says: “Readers are our gatekeepers.”

In his year-in-review blog post, he says: “We’re entering a golden age of publishing. The ebook self-publishing revolution will lead to more great books being published than ever before. More books will touch the souls of more readers, because indie ebooks make books accessible, affordable, and discoverable to more people. These books, in all their diverse and controversial glory, are cultural treasures.”

These are some encouraging words for independent authors and those of us who work in independent publishing!

From Coker’s epic post on predictions for the book publishing industry in 2013 (there are 21 of them), we decided to pull out some of the most interesting points he makes regarding independent publishing.

“In the US, ebooks sales will reach 45% of US trade book market” – This is up from what he believes will be the increase in ebook sales in 2012.

“Follow the eyeballs: 2013 will be the first year unit volume of ebooks exceeds print” – 2013 will be the first year more books are read on screens than on paper.

“The current glut of books will become even more pronounced” – The sheer number of books available out there is staggering, and there simply is not enough time to read all of them. And, Coker predicts that “2013 will remind us we haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Tablets will become the new paper as E-Ink becomes niche product” – Even though e-reading devices saw a decline in sales last year, the growing popularity of multi-function tablets will likely increase the demand for online content.

“Global will be the biggest story of 2013 for indie authors” – He believes that the market for English-language ebooks outside the US will eclipse the US market in 2013, providing a great opportunity for indie authors. He argues that in fast-growing markets, indie authors have the advantage.

“Indie ebooks will start driving more film and television projects” – “If you believe that indies are the future of publishing, and that the world’s best and most commercially successful future stories will come from indies, then it’s inevitable indie authors will begin to fill the production pipelines of film and television producers.” Because indie authors have an advantage in reaching the marketing rapidly with stories “better tuned to audience desires,” they have the advantage over traditional publishers in this area. Additionally, “indies achieve instant market feedback in the form of sales data, reviews, and retailer bestseller rank.”

At SDP Publishing Solutions, we’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead in the rapidly expanding independent publishing market. We’re especially looking forward to working with our current authors and discovering new authors.

SDP Publishing would like to review your manuscript at no charge. Send us a one-paragraph book synopsis (under 300 words), your author bio, and the first chapter of your manuscript. We will offer you some advice and let you know if you are on the right track. Do you have a potential best-seller on your hands? Do you need some polishing? Or shall we go back to the drawing board?

For a more in-depth review, including a sample of our tracked-changes editorial advice on the first 10 pages, and a written, detailed document containing overall editorial suggestions, please send in your full manuscript, including a 300-word book synopsis, author bio, and payment of $150. If you are happy with the review, we’ll send you a quote to complete the editorial process. The deposit will be used toward the total editorial fee.

Please contact us for more information about having your manuscript reviewed. Let us help you become part of the independent publishing renaissance!

SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC (formerly Sweet Dreams Publishing of Massachusetts) offers optimal publishing solutions for authors worldwide. From literary agency representation to worldwide marketing – including international rights – and independent publishing, we provide the best solutions for authors. Our services include developmental editing and copyediting, custom cover design and layout, book marketing, query letter and book proposals, literary agency representation, print and e-book development. We provide the best exposure for your book!

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