The Ottoman Excursion

Tim Pelkey’s “The Ottoman Excursion,” is an Eric Hoffer Award Category Finalist!
“… The knowledge he brings to his work as a medical doctor adds an unexpected layer of interest and expertise to his narratives. It is this combination of skills blended with his talent for telling a great story that sets Pelkey apart. This second offering is bound to garner the same types of accolades as his first. He is an author whose work should not be missed.”
—Kat Kennedy, “The US Review,” May 2021


“… a captivating dance through danger and mystery that’s highly recommended for readers of intrigue, international affairs, political thrillers, and conspiracy stories alike.”

—Recommended Reading – Donovan’s Bookshelf, September, 2020 issue:

“A masterpiece.” —Readers’ Favorite
“An absolute stunner.” —Prairies Book Review
“Delightful . . . an author whose work should not be missed.” —US Review of Books
“A captivating dance . . . highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review

The Baljuna Covenant

Click through for more about The Baljuna Covenant which shares the riveting story of a boy’s rise to the heights of world power .


“ . . . This is a fascinating first novel, in great part due to the rich background of Mongolian history as well as contemporary Mongolian political history that the author provides. [Pelkey] deftly works into the novel chapters that follow the rise of the young Temujin—later to be known as Genghis Khan—and his closest allies as they rode the steppes eight hundred years ago to form the greatest empire of the ancient world.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderfully clear and concise explanation of gene sequencing and its use in narrowing down the ancestral line of Genghis Khan, a key plot element. It was so clear that even I could understand it!

Four trowels for ‘The Baljuna Covenant’. . . . With the October 2004 review, we began rating the books on the basis of one to four trowels; one trowel = don’t bother, to four trowels = run right out to your local book store and buy the hard cover!”
—Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

The Baljuna Covenant is an engaging and suspenseful read… Pelkey has written a rich and captivating novel.
—US Review of Books
Read full review here.

Featured Review, March 1, 2017
Insightful . . . quick . . . A clever, complex tale that should pique readers’ curiosity about Genghis Khan and leave them looking forward to the author’s next book.
—Kirkus Reviews
Read full review here.

Featured in 2017 American Book Fest.

—2017 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist
—Finalist for 2017 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for Political Thriller
—Finalist for 2017 29th Annual Independent Book Publisher’s Association Benjamin Franklin Awards for First Novel, Popular Fiction, and Historical Fiction.
—Silver Medalist for The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book: Fiction
—Silver Medalist for Popular Fiction
—Silver Medalist for Fiction: Historical

—Kirkus Reviews
—US Review of Books
—Stevo’s Book Reviews on the Internet

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