Whether you’re a retired physician, practicing physical therapist or full-time nurse, SDP Publishing Solutions offers those in the medical field a unique proficiency on publishing for a variety of markets. From medical books and journals to forensic mysteries and psychological thrillers, even children’s books, all can benefit from the inside knowledge and expertise of those in the medical field.


Launched as a sister company to Modern Graphics, Inc. in 2009, SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC has been helping medical professionals produce textbooks and reference materials for the medical and education marketplaces for more than 40 years. Our team of savvy editors, designers, and marketing specialists help produce a fantastic product professionally and cost effectively.



If you are writing to educate, or to entertain, an editor can help make your book the absolute best it can be! From developmental editing to help build your manuscript, to copyediting to keep your voice and style consistent, to proofreading for grammar and punctuation, our editing team does it all! Your editor will be chosen specifically for your project, and have a solid background working with your particular genre.



In publishing, writing is just the first step in the process. Putting a book together—digitally or for print—is another thing altogether. The designers at SDP Publishing have you covered, with the technical skills needed to create a fantastic finished product and the creative talent to create a cover that jumps off the bookshelf!



SDP Publishing Solutions brings decades of experience working in the medical and educational marketplaces, serving nurses, physicians, and medical professionals. Our marketing team has the know-how and inside knowledge to help you properly market your project and promote your brand! From creating press releases to taking on social media to contracting with booksellers, our marketing/publicity team is here to help make your book a success.


SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC has the ability to guide our medical writers through this niche market. We offer affordable publishing services with a personal touch just for those in the medical field.


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