The Old Man and The Tree


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The Old Man and The Tree is the tale of two unlikely friends: a young man named Fred and a growing maple tree. When Fred purchases a home with a fledgling tree in his backyard, all he wants is some shade, but what develops is a bond between man and nature and true friendship. As the pair ages together, like the seasons, their relationship goes through changes as well. Based on author Richard Schlatter’s own experience, The Old Man and The Tree teaches the important lessons of loyalty and respect as they apply to friends, nature, and oneself.

About the Author

Richard Schlatter studied architecture, art, and design at the University of Cincinnati, and graphic design and photography at the Ray-Vogue schools in Chicago. After a three-year stint working for a Chicago art studio, he moved to Michigan and became the art director of an advertising agency in Battle Creek. He formed Schlatter Design in 1972, a full-service design firm, and still works as an independent advertising/graphic design consultant.

His first children’s book, The Old Man and The Tree, is a true story. The author recalls, “After cutting down a large maple tree near my house, I felt depressed and knew I made a mistake. I wanted my tree back, but it was too late. When I shared the experience with my six-year-old granddaughter, she inspired me to write the story and get it published.”

Richard lives in Battle Creek with his wife, Linda, and their two rescue cats.

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