The Baljuna Covenant

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“…Pelkey has written a rich and captivating novel…”

—RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“Ada doctor realizes decade-long quest to release first novel”

Interview with author, Tim Pelkey:

Finalist in the Benjamin Franklin awards in three categories:

1. The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book: Fiction
2. Popular Fiction
3. Fiction: Historical

—Recommended reading by Stevo’s Book Reviews on the Internet, January, 2017

“A clever, complex tale that should pique readers’ curiosity about Genghis Khan and leave them looking forward to the author’s next book.”

—Kirkus Reviews

Featured on the Kirkus Review Featured Indie Review Website, February 2017. For the full review click on the following link: THE BALJUNA COVENANT



Product Description

James Andrews finally appears to be catching a break. After years of searching for Genghis Khan’s tomb, he unearths a bone during a dig on Burkhan Khaldun, Mongolia’s holy mountain. After tests suggest the bone belongs to Genghis Khan, Andrews and his colleague Abbey Conrad follow the strands of the bone’s DNA back through time and begin to unlock the secrets of thirteenth century Eurasia.

Mongolia is in the midst of turmoil. As the world’s superpowers vie for control of its vast resources and open lands, Andrews’s quest takes center stage. Past and present collide, revealing ancient truths along with a web of deception that tears Andrews’s life apart and pushes the world to the brink of war.

Part historic fiction, part archaeological mystery, and part political thriller, The Baljuna Covenant tells stories of a poor boy’s rise to the heights of world power, of two friends and unimagined betrayal, and of a secret kept for over half a millennia. Most of all it tells the story of a promise between Genghis Khan and his people, a promise kept until this day.

About the Author

Tim Pelkey is married and the father of two. He lives in Michigan. The Baljuna Covenant is his first novel. He is currently working on his second novel, The Ottoman Excursion.

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