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As a published author, you could help the many people around the world who want to become successful entrepreneurs.  Writing about your insider’s business secrets not only boosts your name and brand but also provides more people with the motivation and information they need to start their own businesses.

The Great Recession forever changed the business and employment landscape.  People learned they could no longer rely on the permanence of a job or the health of the company that employed them.  A growing number, many of them young adults, have taken matters into their own hands and decided to follow your lead…to become an entrepreneur or business owner.

Now you can show them how to reach their goals by authoring the next great book on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You have an unprecedented opportunity to write and publish your unique story as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, life coach or professional speaker author.  The millions of new entrepreneurs in the U.S. and emerging global economies are eager to be taught “the ropes” by someone who has “been there/done that.”

Many are smart enough to know that it’s a waste of time to reinvent the wheel when you have already ridden it down the road of success.  They want to know your secrets and are willing and ready to pay almost any price to read about your expertise and experience in your published book, series of books or accompanying workbook.

The evolving global business climate makes this the perfect time to write an authoritative book on entrepreneurship.  SDP Publishing Solutions is the right publisher to distribute your book to the right outlets and into the hands of people who want to share your success.

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Take Advantage of the Growth in Entrepreneurship as a Published Author

 Did You Know…

  • During the Recession, more Americans became entrepreneurs than had done so between 1996 and the start of the recession.
  • 44% of would-be entrepreneurs think there are good start-up opportunities in their communities.
  • 12.5% of Americans intended to start a business in 2012, which is 50% more than in 2008.
  • The percentage of adults aged 55–64 who became entrepreneurs increased from 14.3% to 23.4% during the 15 years from 1996 to 2012.
  • New Latino entrepreneurs increased almost 100% (10.5% to 19.5%) from 1996 to 2012.

According to McKinsey & Company research, 45% of global GDP growth by 2023 will come from China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Indonesia.  Although many of these countries have entrepreneurial traditions, the next generation of entrepreneurs must be prepared to market their brands and compete in a global marketplace driven by technology and increasing affluence for billions.

Your ideas, thoughts and secrets can be the basis of their success when you encapsulate them in the form of a successful published book as an entrepreneur or business author.

To broaden your name and brand, you need a publisher who understands both your unique vision and the growing market for the sought-after content of your book.  That company is SDP Publishing Solutions…the specialist publisher for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, innovators, business owners, life coaches and professional speakers who want to write successful books.

Launched as a sister company to Modern Graphics, Inc. which has been serving large publishers in medical and professional industries for over 40 years, SDP Publishing Solutions has been helping successful leaders just like you to write books that have boosted their names and brands with the right audience.

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Writing Content That Sells

Would-be or struggling entrepreneurs or business owners don’t want lengthy dissertations or complex concepts and theories on how to succeed. Instead, they are looking for your published book to reveal the hard truths and practical steps that will reignite their drive or fire their initial ambition to succeed on their own terms.

The people at SDP Publishing Solutions understand how to transform your knowledge into successfully published books with the right titles that will succeed in the marketplace as well as you have.

  • 10 Secrets of How I Conquered My Industry
  • How I Grew My New Business 50% a Year for Five Successive Years
  • My 10 Steps to Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset for Success
  • You Don’t Have To Be a Genius to Build a Successful Business…and I Should Know
  • Learn if You Have the Right Stuff To Be an Entrepreneurial Success

These are just some of the titles that could compel people to flock to the bookstores or online booksellers to read your published story and follow a faster track to success.

SDP Publishing Solutions Makes It Easy for You To Become a Successful Published Writer

You’ll discover all this and more when you schedule a FREE 45-minute consultation with an SDP Publishing Solutions expert. He or she will guide you in the writing of a published book as unique as your vision and personality. You’ll also experience our very personalized service that we think is essential to creating a close working relationship.

Today is the first day on your journey to becoming a successful published author…and your first step is contacting SDP Publishing Solutions for your FREE 45-minute consultation.  You’ve succeeded because you know how to seize an opportunity and maximize its potential…and writing a book about your entrepreneurial success is one of the greatest opportunities of your professional and personal life.

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