Enhance Your Professional Reputation
as a Physician Author!


  • Share Your Special Knowledge with Other Medical Professionals
  • Improve Medical Students’ Knowledge Base with Your Unique Practice Experiences
  • Help Patients and Other People Live Happier and Healthier Lives
  • Thrill the Reading Public with Exciting Plot Twists of Medicine-Based Fiction

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Medicine is a Hot Topic with Readers

 Did You Know Amazon.com lists…

  • 402,000 medical books of all kinds
  • 138,000 books on Internal Medicine
  • 7,000 books on Family Practice and Anatomy
  • 3,000 medical fiction titles
  • 1,000 medical thrillers

As a practicing or retired physician, physical therapist, full-time nurse or other healthcare professional, you could join the ranks of these authors and reap the many rewards of seeing your name in print.

The biggest reason for becoming a doctor author is that people trust you!  When they see a book with a doctor’s name on it, they are more likely to want to read what you write…and trust it too!

According to a December 2012 Gallup Poll, 70 percent of the adults surveyed said they rate physicians’ ethics and honesty as very high or high.  The “trust index” was even higher for nurses, at 85 percent.

That trust is your starting point for becoming an equally highly regarded physician author…and SDP Publishing Solutions is the specialist publisher for physicians.  We have the track record to guide you through the writing of your first book and many others.

Launched as a sister company to Modern Graphics, Inc. in 2009, SDP Publishing Solutions has been helping medical professionals become successful doctor authors by producing textbooks and reference materials for the medical and educational marketplaces for more than 40 years.

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Have You Ever Dreamed of Writing a Medical Mystery or Forensic Thriller?

You’ll never know unless you give it a try.  You have the special knowledge and unique patient experiences that are essential to creating the next “can’t-put-it-down” medical mystery or thriller. As a leading publisher for doctors, SDP Publishing Solutions and its team of savvy editors, designers and marketing specialists have earned an outstanding reputation for putting these books in the forefront of the sales channels where interested and passionate readers will find them.

You may not realize that you already have an audience that is eager to read the many books that you could write.  That audience is your patients…and their families, friends and co-workers.

  • A layman’s guide to disease symptoms
  • How to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Patients’ stories about how they’ve managed their health to live longer or overcome life-threatening diseases and conditions
  • An easy-to-understand explanation of how various medications work in the body
  • How to prepare for a surgical procedure
  • Children’s books that alleviate fears about a visit to the doctor
  • A forensic novel based on your real-life experience in forensics
  • Medical thrillers based on your medical background and interest in thrillers
  • Action/adventure or romance surrounding the medical field

You could start writing on these and dozen of other topics tomorrow as a new physician author…but first, SDP Publishing Solutions wants to share what it knows about medical publishing directly with you.

Our Special Offer is a FREE 45-minute consultation to discuss your ideas and help you find your voice and audience based on your particular medical specialty.

Pros Working with Pros

SDP Publishing Solutions understands the commitment in time and money you’ve made to reach the top of your profession and your unwavering dedication to your professional responsibilities and patient obligations.  That’s why we’ve developed a publishing process just for physician authors, to help you write more efficiently.

In addition, we know the tricks of the trade to keep costs low, even with medical books filled with illustrations and charts.  We also know how to give your fiction an eye-popping design, so it jumps from the rack or an Internet page, compelling more readers to lose themselves in your amazing plot.

The people at SDP Publishing Solutions know we must also be at the top of our profession to serve you, the consummate medical professional, so you can write books that enhance your professional reputation.

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